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Upon arrival at the East Portland Community Center for Friday Night Live, kids will be eager to get to the gym for some Big Ball basketball, pictured behind, or the more traditional kind.

But the first step to fun at Friday Night Live is getting signed in. Filling out registrations for the event held last month are, from left to right, Marcus Pharr, Terrance Thompson and Miranda Streeter, all Floyd Light Middle School students.

With so many choices available at Friday Night Live, to be held in the future at various locales, Brittany Evans (left) and Diana Braescu, sixth graders at Floyd Light Middle School, pause briefly to decide what to do next at the East Portland Community Center.

Kids mingle as they wait for the next dance tune, while another shows off his talent on the trampoline.

Aly Applegate (left) sends Amanda Carlton diving after a vicious serve, while Cassie Milligan waits her turn at the pingpong table. All are Floyd Light Middle School students.

Foosball gets these boys’ full attention at Friday Night Live, hosted in October at the East Portland Community Center.
There is a great way for kids in Mid-County to let out their abundant energy.

It’s called Friday Night Live.

In its second year, Friday Night Live was held in October at the East Portland Community Center in the Mill Park neighborhood of outer Southeast Portland.

When it’s held, Friday Night Live is planned for the third Friday of the month from 7:30 to 9 p.m. for students in grades 6 through 8.

Individual Mid-County middle school student councils plan the activities that will be offered. Choices range from dancing to basketball, athletic tournaments to movies, trampoline to board game competitions.

Centennial Middle School will host the November event, Ron Russell Middle School will plan the activities in January, Parkrose Middle School has the duty in February, Alice Ott Middle School in April and Floyd Light Middle School in May.

There is no Friday Night Live scheduled for December or March.

On Oct. 21, the students of Floyd Light Middle School hosted.

The cost is $3, identification is required, and a parent or guardian must pick up attendees.

The East Portland Community Center at 740 S.E. 106th Ave. includes an air-conditioned double gym, weight room, aerobic fitness, dance studio, classrooms, meeting rooms, a senior lounge, preschool room and kitchen.

The center also houses the Cherry Blossom Senior Program and a Loaves & Fishes Center.
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