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I have a neighbor who has moved away from this district and know of others who are contemplating leaving Multnomah County. State income taxes, property taxes, high water costs and taxes added to utility bills make it difficult for those on fixed incomes to make ends meet.

There is enough money to use for schools, police and the courts if expenditures are either delayed or reduced on projects that are non-crucial at this time.

My message to Mayor Katz is to please stop trying to spruce up the West side of the Willamette River. We just cannot afford it at this time. You are focused on that area of Portland, but far more of us live in the metropolitan area, outside of downtown. We need all the help we can get.

I congratulate Senator Frank Shields for presenting Senate Joint Resolution 31. You, senator, have the right idea in mind. Give us back the 20% the legislature took from our K-12 education fund. Right now we must focus on the crisis in education, assistance to the mentally ill and severely handicapped.

I appeal to our Governor and United States Senators to confront President Bush about our local crisis. Ask him for assistance. He consented to spending our tax dollars to feed Iraqi people and send medication for their needs, so surely he will help us in some manner.

In the future, let us look for government people to fill vacant positions that will assist in management who have very economical thoughts and carry through with continuous action. I will support people whose philosophy is to research each project, get it done for less where possible and put excess funds aside. We seniors have the economic mind set to lead the way. I will volunteer and I know there are many other retired people who would be willing to help fend off additional taxes.

Speaking for the seniors of today who have modest incomes, any added taxes will do more depleting of hard earned savings, resulting in seniors becoming a heavier burden for younger taxpayers. NO MORE TAXES.

Senior Citizen Virginia C Swanson
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