“A good and wholesome thing is a little harmless fun in this world; it tones a body up, keeps him human and prevents him from souring.”

~Mark Twain
Vol. 19, No. 2 • Mailed monthly to over 12, 400 homes in the Gateway & Parkrose Communities Free • JUNE 2003
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’41 friends forever: These ladies share the past, present, future
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’41 friends forever: These ladies share the past, present, future

Ties from the past keep former friends, classmates and neighbors together forever


The Parkrose High Class of 1941 included, from left, Theresa (Petri) Allison, Norma (Fray) Schacher, Mariam (Davidson) Olcott, Pat (Schwary) Kellof, Betty Jean (Clark) Ellison, Julia (Bafico) Fields, Doris (Havisher) Nichols, Frances Carpenter, Lorraine (Wallace) Hall, and teacher Elinor (Sandford) Ruef. Still residents of the area, these ladies gathered recently to share memories.
Photo Courtesy of Theresa Allison
On a recent afternoon, nine members of the 1941 graduating class of Parkrose High School (PHS) and one of their teachers gathered to restore old ties and reminisce. Some of these ladies started first grade at the same time and all of them went through elementary and high school together. Many of them reside in Parkrose to this day. Theresa Allison’s three children graduated from PHS, as did Elinor Ruef’s son and Betty Jean Clark Ellison’s two children.

Allison was the organizer of the reunion and says the day was filled with laughter, sharing of old photos and even a bit of gossip. She describes herself as very shy in school. Teacher Elinor Sandford Ruef does not recall, but says Allison now is very outgoing and lively. But then, she adds, all of them have changed a bit since 1941.

Ruef was fresh out of college when she taught this group PE at Parkrose and remembers they had to trek across the athletic fields from the high school on Prescott to the gym the next street over. According to Ruef, Pat Schwary Kellof was not especially fond of PE until they learned to play basketball, then she excelled. While at Parkrose, Ruef was instrumental in forming a Pep Club. They wore purple skirts and white blouses to reflect the school colors of the time.

Betty Jean Clarke Ellison said she thoroughly enjoyed this reunion and was absolutely floored by the presence of a former teacher.

While the years have faded some of the memories, the ties of long ago will keep these ladies connected for years to come. Event organizer Allison says they will get together again to pour through those class pictures and recall the stories of their youth.
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