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Never too late to get in bikini shape
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Never too late to get in bikini shape


Brooke Myers, activity coordinator for Providence Health Systems’ Glendoveer ElderPlace, began a daily exercise program for residents last month that combines yoga, aerobics and upper body strength training. Myers, a certified yoga instructor, is committed to the health and happiness of all one hundred Glendoveer ElderPlace residents. Since becoming activity coordinator, Myers has created eight “Happy Trails” walking stations throughout the large facility, where residents do exercises before proceeding to the next station. Myers has also started a Mind/Body Wellness group of ElderPlace residents that meets weekly to meditate and study alternative ways to decrease pain, lower blood pressure and increase overall health. Representatives from nearby Oregon College of Oriental Medicine have helped facilitate this group.

In April, assisted by a registered dietician and members of the Providence Health Systems Employees’ Health and Wellness Department, Myers will inaugurate a monthly weight loss support group for residents wanting to shed a few pounds before trying to fit into their summer swimwear.

Glendoveer ElderPlace, a comprehensive care program that offers health, housing, social service and care coordination for older adults, is located at 13007 N.E. Glisan St. in Mid-county. You can make a virtual visit to Glendoveer ElderPlace by going to, or you can contact them directly at 503-215-6556.

Certified Occupational Therapist Assistant Carolyn Hoefling, seated far right, leads chair exercises for Glendoveer ElderPlace residents - from her right, Mary Lou Blush, Wendy Stanger, Elaine Pallviny and Maxine McDowell, and Ronald Litt with his back to the camera. Observing the class, pictured in upper left corner, is Glendoveer ElderPlace Activity Coordinator Brooke Myers.
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