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Summer bash moves to Parkrose HS
Bars deal with crime, safety
Salvaton Army moves HQ to east Portland
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Sandy Boulevard improvements delayed
Teacher creates summer school charity to keep kids on track
David Douglas 50 Plus graduates hold inaugural picnic

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Summer bash moves to Parkrose HS


At last month's inaugural Parkrose Summer Bash, Faithful Savior Community School was represented by, from left, first-grader Braedon Nall, his mom Jerri Nall, and sister, third-grader Mikaela Nall, Rebecca Porter, eighth-grader Jacob Thornton and his mom and school principal, Stephanie Thornton. The PSB was held in conjunction with Parkrose Farmers' Market at the Parkrose High School Community Center campus.
At the first Parkrose Summer Bash held last month at Parkrose High School Community Center campus, Mischelle Strauser and daughter Emily, ask Parkrose United Methodist parishioner and “turban lady” Judy Wilson questions about the process it takes to make the turbans for cancer patients. The turban ladies were featured in the Mid-county Memo March 2009 article “10,000 turbans and counting.”
Parkrose Summer Bash organizers Larry Whittlesey and Christine Thiessen, CityTeam Ministries Development Officer at the event held last month on the Parkrose High School Community Center campus. Before it burned down last year, the event was at Eastside Foursquare Church in Parkrose.
The Chris Loid band, one of four live music acts, rocks out at the Parkrose Summer Bash held last month.
Larry Whittlesey, Minister of Community Involvement at Crossroads Church and principal at Crossroads Christian School had an idea for the nascent Parkrose Ministry Network: recreate the Summer Bash.

In its fifth year - held annually at Eastside Foursquare Church on Sandy Boulevard inside the Quality Inn & Suites before it burned down - the Parkrose Summer Bash is comprised of a canned food drive, craft vendors, live music, display booths from area churches, and inflatable games and activities for children.

This year's event, re-named Summer Bash, relocated to the Parkrose High School Community Center campus, and held in conjunction with Parkrose Farmers' Market, in benefit for CityTeam Ministries' Portland chapter and Union Gospel Mission's Shepherd's Door women's and children's shelter. At previous events, thousands of pounds of donated canned and dry food were collected for the two ministries to share.

“It takes churches and ministries, who all theologically have some differences, but we have so much more in common, and we can serve the same community together,” said Whittlesey. “We can put those things aside and say 'look we're here to benefit this community because this is where we live and this is where we serve.' ”

“For our first year (here) it's smaller than we'd like to do in the future, but it's a good thing, we've got four good bands, several ministries represented, it's been a good one,” said Whittlesey. “If we do it again in the future we can really develop it into something big, with the focus being on Parkrose, sponsored by Parkrose churches.”

CityTeam Ministries Development Officer Christine Thiessen attributes the change in venue and the economy to food donations being down. “I wish we could raise more food,” she said. “Everything else is going great; they were hoping for about 30,000 pounds of food to share between the two groups. Last year we did about 20,000 pounds, but Eastside Foursquare was responsible for about half of that. ”

“This is God's people doing something together, and everybody gets the credit,” said Whittlesey. However, he wanted the Parkrose Ministry Network committee that produced the event to get extra credit: David Walmer, formerly with Eastside Foursquare Church; Bill Gates, Parkrose United Methodist Church; Mike Brace, Abundant Life Church and Karl Hester, Resurrection Lutheran Church.

Put together a year ago to encourage each other as a group of churches, representatives from 11 Mid-county churches banded together, formed the Parkrose Ministry Network and met once a month at Crossroads Church for lunch to see if there were projects they could do together. In addition to this event, church representatives have undergone training to assist at the new Gateway Domestic Violence Center that opened this month.

Parkrose Ministry Network members:
Abundant Life Church
Crossroads Church
Eastside Foursquare Church
Gateway Baptist Church
Glisan St. Baptist Church
Parkrose United Church of Christ
Parkrose United Methodist Church
Resurrection Life Center
Resurrection Lutheran Church
Rivercrest Community Church
Woodland Park Baptist Church
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