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Carolyn Dowd, teacher, mentor succumbs

Carolyn Dowd

Submitted Photo
Carolyn Dowd, a dedicated English teacher for the past decade at Mid-county’s Portland Christian Junior/Senior High School, passed away recently after a courageous fight with cancer. Born Jan. 24, 1957, she passed away Dec. 5. She was 50 years old.

The Memo has been asked to print some reflections on Carolyn’s life. The following excerpts ran in a memorial in the school’s newspaper, the Royal Review, and were compiled by Jacquelyn Anderson, a senior at Portland Christian Junior/Senior High School.

“I think you only meet a truly inspirational person once in your lifetime; for many others, and myself, that person was Mrs. Dowd,” Anderson said. “I think that many would agree with me in saying that Carolyn Dowd was in essence inspiration. Her dedication to excellence is that of Portland Christian Schools’ legend, and anyone who ever met her would say that she is just that, excellent.”

Anderson also included quotes from teachers at the school.

“Carolyn Dowd was an exceptional woman,” said English teacher Kim Brooksby. “As a result of working side by side with her for 10 years, I am a better English teacher than before I knew her. We pushed each other — in a good way! I miss her every single day.”

Mary Green, a close friend and history teacher at Portland Christian, added her own reflections.

“Very early in this last battle with cancer,” Green said in the article, “Carolyn stated that if she had to do this, she wanted to do it with grace, and that is just what she did. Through all of her treatments, pain and loss of hair there remained an air of grace to her countenance that transcended everything else that was going on in her life.

“I am a much better person for having known Carolyn,” Green said. “I will sorely miss her and look forward to the day when we will again walk and talk — this time with Jesus.”

Carolyn Dowd is survived by her husband, Bill, and daughter, Jennifer Dowd, of San Diego.
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