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Alternative program sets pace for giving
Citizens debate park development fee increase
Refugees learn new laws, public safety rules
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City, county launch East Portland Action Plan
School District bond due to expire in December 2011
Carolyn Dowd, teacher, mentor succumbs
102nd Avenue work begins January 14

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The Mid-county Memo strives to be accurate and thorough in its coverage and corrects significant errors of fact. If you find an error in the Memo, please call 503-287-8904 or e-mail our editor, Darlene Vinson, at

There were several errors in an article on the Safer Routes to School project at Russell Academy in last month’s Mid-county Memo. LeeAnne Ferguson, coordinator of the effort, is not a volunteer but an employee of the Bicycle Transportation Alliance, which carries out part of the program under contract with the city of Portland. Vern Sundin is a volunteer at the school, not a parent. Finally, and chiefly, neighbor Susan Lampe was referring to a single individual, not her neighbors in general, in saying that a car drives by Northeast San Rafael Street at speeds approaching 70 miles per hour. We deeply regret the errors and any grief they may have caused for those involved.

The Safer Routes to School program will hold another public meeting at 3:30 p.m. on Jan. 14 at Russell Academy, 2700 N.E. 127th to hear mitigation measures by city traffic engineer Scott Batson and to offer recommendations.
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