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Vol. 22, No. 9 • Mailed monthly to over 13,500 homes in the Gateway & Parkrose Communities Free • January 2007
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Prescott parent leads mural effort


“A blank wall drives me out of my mind,” Prescott Elementary parent volunteer, and artist, Lu Feazle-Hurt said. When she found two of them in the school, she recruited the whole school — students, parents and staff — to help her fill them.

Her first effort, last year, was on a wall on the southeast corner of the building and illustrates the “Four Seasons of Oregon.” Feazle-Hurt drew the outline for the picture and the students filled it in, with different grades performing different functions in the venture.

Last fall she took on a second mural. This one, on the west side of the building facing the younger children’s playground, is called “The Age of Discovery.” Part of the image is of a boy examining a lawn with a magnifying glass, part of it small plants, animals and insects that the boy might have seen in his quest. This time the work crew consisted of Feazle-Hurt, Principal Mike Lopes, some teachers and about a dozen parents. “The kids wanted to help, but we told them that they had had their chance, that this one was a grown-up thing,” Feazle-Hurt said.

A second-grade class did, however, collectively write a small book about some of the insects and other objects in the mural, based on their own research. The book will be available for sale at a school fair and silent auction from 6 to 8 p.m. Feb. 21.

Having a master’s degree in painting, sculpture and fine art, Feazle-Hurt is committed to bringing art, in any way, to her kids’ elementary school. Her next project is to re-do the staff and nurse’s room — which hasn’t been done since the school opened in the ‘40s. Want to help? Call Feazle-Hurt at 503-460-2631 or Prescott Elementary at 503-408-2150.

Lu Feazle-Hurt, artist and parent volunteer with sons, from left, Andy in the fourth grade and second grader Alexander. Part of the mural she designed and Prescott Elementary students filled in is behind them.

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