“In America, anyone can become president. That’s one of the risks you take.”
- Adlai Stevenson
Adlai Ewing Stevenson, (1900-1965), American political leader. His importance lay chiefly in his efforts to raise the level of political debate in the United States. He shunned emotionalism and appealed to reason. As a speaker, he had an unusual command of language and a sharp and subtle wit. His eloquent speeches and statements were directed toward educating Americans on the nature of the world in which they lived and the challenges that faced them in it. Unsuccessful in two presidential campaigns, Stevenson never dominated United States politics,
but he did affect the ways in which Americans looked at and discussed public affairs.
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Fall, football, American and Mid-county traditions
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Fall, football, American and Mid-county traditions

Coach Mark Emry gives instructions to his offense during the H.B. Lee game.
Floyd Light running back makes a move to elude the H.B. Lee defender. Floyd Light lost the game 33 - 29. Better luck next time boys.
Floyd Light Falcons seventh grade quarterback Ben Boyd (12) sets up to throw a pass against H.B. Lee.
Falcons quarterback Ben Boyd over
center, calls out the play.
Photos by Tim Curran
Floyd Light Middle School in the David Douglas school district, located at 10800 Southeast Washington Street has 739 students in grades seven and eight. The Floyd Light football program fields three teams, eighth grade varsity, seventh grade varsity and seventh and eight grades mixed junior varsity. There are approximately 25 players per team. According to eighth grade football coach, Nathan Schmitt “We do ‘cut’ players from the junior varsity, but we don’t cut them from football, every player makes a team.”

Schmitt and Dan Harris coach the eighth grade varsity team. Mark Emry coaches the seventh grade varsity with Bob Gray. Jeff Schaffer and Ron Reid coach the combined junior varsity team.

“We run the same basic offense as David Douglas, that way the players have a better chance at being successful at the high school level,” says Schmitt.

The teams play in the Mount Hood Athletic League, against other middle schools in the Mount Hood Athletic Conference. Alice Ott, the other David Douglas district middle school has the same number of teams.

“Other schools we play are Walt Morey, H.B. Lee, Reynolds, Parkrose, and Alice Ott. At the conclusion of the regular season there is a ‘playoff’ system and the top two teams from each half of the league play each other, the third and fourth place teams play each other and the fifth and six place finishers play each other. The other half of the league is Gordon Russell, Clear Creek, Dexter McCarty, Centennial and Orient/Damascus.”

The tough economic times are being felt by Floyd Light’s football program. “Our busses were cut for everything except away games and the user fee was raised from $25.00 to $40.00.” Coach Schmitt says, “We also lost our individual maximum so students pay for all the sports. That’s a big hit because last year you could play four sports for $50.00 and this year it would cost $160.00.”


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