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Parkrose goes all-in with AVID
East County voters elect new school board members
Top Notch flame out
Homeless kids get spruced-up playground
Mayor's budget: some cuts for east Portland
How do Mid-county restaurants rate?
Standard wall raising

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Local businesses are the lifeblood of our community. The Mid-county Memo offers this section to our business neighbors for news, advancements, promotions, expansions and other noteworthy events to be shared with the community at large. Business Memo submissions for the July issue are due by Saturday, June 15. For best results, e-mail Darlene Vinson at You may also mail submissions to 3510 N.E. 134th Ave., Portland, OR 97230. To leave a phone message, dial 503-287-8904. The Mid-county Memo fax number is 503-249-7672.

Add natural remedies to your health care plan
Dr. Valerie Ferdinand brings naturopathic medicine to mid-county.
Accordant Natural Health has relocated from downtown Portland to the Gateway Hazelwood area. Owned and operated by Dr. Valerie Ferdinand, her practice focuses on combining natural remedies with conventional treatments for illnesses that affect the entire family. From simple colds, to diabetes, and everything in between, Ferdinand takes the time to truly listen to your medical story to best understand your situation. Choosing from resources that include nutritional recommendations, herbal and vitamin supplements, home exercise suggestions, and pharmaceuticals when appropriate, each patient receives an individualized treatment plan specific to his needs and lifestyle.

Step out of cookie-cutter, one-size-fits-all health care. Step into customized care that makes you an integral part of your own wellness team. Call today to learn more about services as well as how to access care as either an insured or uninsured patient.

Located in the Cherry Blossom Wellness Center, 10424 S.E. Cherry Blossom Dr., Ferdinand works alongside an acupuncturist, a nutritionist, and a hypnotherapist for a truly comprehensive health experience.

East Portland redemption center opens July
The Oregon Beverage Recycling Cooperative opens their fourth center in east Portland's Menlo Park Plaza in July. Amanda Chezem, on-site supervisor at the Bottle Drop Oregon Redemption Center in Oregon City, empties a load of recyclables from a full machine.
A new, centralized returnable container redemption center is opening in July in mid-county's Menlo Park Plaza.

Part of a partnership between grocery stores and distributors, the new site is located at 12403 N.E. Glisan St., in the old Kelley's Furniture Store, more recently home to a Dollar Books franchise.

Officials of the site's operators, Oregon Beverage Recycling Cooperative, say the new facility will be nearly twice the size of their Oregon City location, and will have newer, more efficient machines.

The new center, in outer Northeast Portland, features a system allowing after-hours returns and automatic crediting.

Under current law, grocery stores within a mile-and-a-half of a redemption center can forgo accepting returnable containers.

The east Portland location is the fourth in Oregon.

Currently, there are three other OBRC redemption centers in the state: one in Oregon City, one in Wood Village and one in Salem.

Over the next ten years, OBRC has plans to open 45 to 50 more redemption centers, a company official told lawmakers in Salem last week.
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