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Surprise visit excites 3rd graders

To the editor:
Annually, the Northeast Portland Rotary Club presents dictionaries to all Parkrose School District third graders. Students Rosina Delgado, left, and Eldora Porter receive their copies from Rotarian Tim James last month.
Christmas came early to Sacramento Elementary School this year. I am a student teacher in Mrs. Wagner's third grade classroom, and we had visitors from the Northeast Portland chapter of the Rotary Club bearing gifts for all the children on Thursday, Dec. 2. Three members of that organization came in unannounced with Principal Stevie Blakely and handed out brand new student dictionaries to all the kids. The kids could barely contain their excitement of getting these new books to read and keep.

The books not only contained a dictionary but also contained information about the 50 states, multiplication tables, the solar system, important American historical documents as well as the Braille system. I just wanted to thank all the members of the Rotary for thinking of the children and being so generous with their time and resources and to let them know that their gift was truly appreciated.

Thank you,
Blaise Barshaw
Eastern Oregon University Senior
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