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The Mid-county Memo is your newspaper. We want to hear from you. Discuss an important issue or address a concern you want to call to the attention of the community. We prefer e-mailed letters to the editor sent to Darlene Vinson at Please put “Letter to the editor” in the subject line. You may also mail your letter to 3510 N.E. 134th Ave., Portland, OR 97230 or fax it to 503-249-7672. Deadline for the May issue is Monday, April 15.

Reading the Memo gives resident good feeling

To the editor:

I'm just writing to compliment you on your publication.

I read you all the time; I just love it.

I was born and raised in the Gateway, Woodland Park, Parkrose area, so it's just wonderful to read a newspaper that gives us a taste of community with good layout, good reporting; and also it kinda gives me a warm feeling to feel something so down-home. And nowadays there's not much out that makes you feel close to an old-fashioned situation, and I really love it; and yet, you stay modern and up with everything that is going on. That is quite a combination.

I know that sounds a little corny, but, to me, its just great because there is so many reports on people and things in our community and the upcoming events and comments and advertising, everything, which keeps it really local.

I am just so proud of you guys for the wonderful publication and please keep up the good work.

Everybody that reads it should appreciate the effort that goes into it.

You make a difference.

Lore Smith
Gateway resident


School board candidate frustrated, concerned

To the editor:

I wonder if there are other individuals in the Parkrose School District that have concerns and ask a question concerning those concerns. I wonder if other individuals are happy with the answers they get or if they even get an answer.

I did the walk through that was offered by the District for the three schools that had worked paid for by the Bond last summer. To be honest, I only did the Prescott part of the walk through.

The building was clean thanks to some super staff and parents, I asked tons of questions and learned some things, but felt uncomfortable.

I started asking more questions, as I had had some experience with retro-fittings buildings and construction of one big one. I had asked the Board about timelines for completion of the project and staff moving back into their rooms. I was told no problem, and that everything was under control.

Only it was not!

The work was not completed and the problems with construction had not been resolved.

Little problems like flushing a toilet in the adult bathrooms and having water come up through the drains, or the threshold into the cafeteria not done correctly, resulting in an injury [school custodial staff] - thanks goodness it was not a student.

Six months after move back into the building, teachers and district materials were not returned. Because I am paying for them just like you, I asked and asked about these things, but have not received an answer to all of my questions.

Four major projects take place this summer [new middle school construction, Sacramento Elementary remodeling and Shaver Elementary and Russell Academy adding multi-purpose rooms]; my question is this: Will construction timelines be realistic for the amount of work and for corrections that will need to be made? Will there be time for staff to get their rooms ready as well as materials ready they will need to start the school year? Will the grounds be ready for students returning to school?

These are legitimate questions.

I hope the current school board has learned from last summer's experience, but from what I have seen, my confidence is not very high.

How many questions will be asked, and will they be asked during board meetings where the public can get information too.

Mary Lu Baetkey
Is running for a seat the Parkrose Board of Education in May's special election
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