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What about southwest neighborhoods?

To the Editor:

Regarding the very good article by Linda Cargill regarding city’s new Comprehensive Plan (“City’s new Comprehensive Plan reduces multifamily housing in east Portland” MCM Sept. 2014) I have the following question regarding planners figuring out where 200,000 new city residents will live.

“Overall the city has more than enough supply of land available for housing to meet the needs elsewhere,” Engstrom said. “Those alternate locales include all the inner city neighborhoods in Southeast, Northeast and Northwest Portland, along with the Pearl District and the South Waterfront.”

Question: why are the some of the Westside areas not included in the planners “infill”? Certainly, there are many spots where multi-family units could be built. Many could be squeezed in like what has been allowed on the outer eastside. Would the residents in South Burlingame, Hillsdale, Multnomah and Raleigh Hills appreciate having two-story multi-family units built on a lot near them? I think not! Maybe this is why the planners do not include southwest residential property. To be fair, the planning should include all of the city.

Duane Thompson
Northeast Portland