Tuesday, Sept. 2: BEAN and BEEF BURRITOS, Black Bean Salsa and Tri-Cut Potatoes or TORTELLINI and Creamy Tomato Sauce with Broccoli Normandy, Marinated Beets, Apple

Wednesday, Sept. 3: CHICKEN TERIYAKI, Brown Rice, Sliced Carrots, Tossed Salad with Italian Dressing or COBB SALAD with Banana

Thursday, Sept. 4: SWEDISH MEATBALLS and Egg Noodles or CHICKEN DIJON SANDWICH and Chicken Noodle Soup with Scandinavian Vegetables, Italian Coleslaw, Russian Cream

Friday, Sept. 5: FISH, Cucumber Dill Sauce and Rice or ROAST PORK LOIN, Cranberry and Spring Vegetable Soup with Capri Vegetables, Rainbow Spinach Salad, Mandarin Orange Gelatin

Monday, Sept. 8: ROASTED PARMESAN CHICKEN BREAST and Tri-Color Rotini or GRILLED VEGETABLE SANDWICH and Split Pea Soup with Green Beans, Marinated Carrot Salad, Vanilla Pudding

Tuesday, Sept. 9: MEAT LOAF, Barbecue Sauce, and Mashed Potatoes or BREAKFAST CASSEROLE with Peas, Tossed Salad with Ranch Dressing, Orange

Wednesday, Sept. 10: ORIENTAL PORK and Rice or CHICKEN CAESAR WRAP and Potato Soup with Normandy Blend Vegetables, Claremont Salad, Strawberry Shortcake Cookie

Thursday, Sept. 11: CHICKEN ITALIANO, Penne Pasta, Flavor Fiesta Vegetables and Layered Salad or TACO SALAD with Banana

Friday, Sept. 12: BAKED FISH, Black Bean Salsa, Rice Pilaf or SPINACH LASAGNA with Sunshine Carrots, Garden Salad, Thousand Island Dressing, Lemon Bar

Monday, Sept. 15: ASIAN BARBECUE CHICKEN, Red Potatoes, Vegetarian Dinner Blend Vegetables and Four Bean Salad or CHEF SALAD with Orange

Tuesday, Sept. 16: DIJON CRUSTED PINK SNAPPER and Rice or LEMON CHICKEN and PEPPER SANDWICH and Tortilla Soup with Oregon Bean Medley, Tossed Salad with French Dressing, Banana

Wednesday, Sept. 17: CHEESE RAVIOLI or CHICKEN SMITANE and Noodles with Caribbean Blend Vegetables, Marinated Chick Pea Salad, Chocolate Mousse

Thursday, Sept. 18: ROAST PORK, Gravy and Couscous or BLACK BEAN ANCHO PIZZA with Peas and Carrots, Cabbage Pepper Slaw, Lime Applesauce Gelatin

Friday, Sept. 19: CHICKEN STROGANOFF and Egg Noodles or MEDITERRANEAN SANDWICH and French Lentil Soup with Green Beans, Tossed Salad with Ranch Dressing, Banana Cake

Monday, Sept. 22: BEEF and MACARONI CASSEROLE or CHICKEN FAJITA and Black Bean Soup with Country Trio Vegetables, Cucumber Salad, Chocolate Chip Cookie

Tuesday, Sept. 23: CITRUS TARRAGON CHICKEN and Mashed Potatoes or OPEN FACE SEAFOOD SANDWICH and Corn Potato Chowder with Normandy Blend Vegetables, Patio Salad, Apple

Wednesday, Sept. 24: BAKED FISH and Lemon Dill Sauce or PORK and Barbecue Sauce with Rice Pilaf, Garden Blend Vegetables, Tossed Salad with French Dressing, Peanut Butter Pie

Thursday, Sept. 25: MEAT LASAGNA or MUSHROOM CHEESE OMELET and Tri-Cut Potatoes with Key West Blend Vegetables, Spinach Salad with Italian Dressing, Pears

Friday, Sept. 26: SWEDISH MEATBALLS, Egg Noodles, Flavor Fiesta Vegetables and Italian Coleslaw or TUNA STUFFED TOMATO with Strawberry Luscious

Monday, Sept. 29: SWEET and SOUR CHICKEN and Brown Rice or VEGGIE PIZZA with Winter Mix, Oriental Salad, Apple

Tuesday, Sept. 30: SALISBURY STEAK and Mashed Potatoes or BROCCOLI and TOMATO QUICHE with Summer Squash, Tossed Salad with Italian Dressing, Sunshine Gelatin

Modified diets available with a doctor’s prescription: soft, low-sodium, diabetic and low-cholesterol.