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Where have all the lockers gone?

Dear Editor,


As a patron of the Parkrose School District and during my active roles with the Parkrose Business Association and East Portland Crime Prevention, I participated in the enormous community input process designed to create our wonderful new high school/community center. For several years I believed things were delivered as they were intended by the plans we all worked so hard to achieve together as a community.

My son, a freshman, just completed his first year at Parkrose High toting around thirty pounds of books in his backpack, a problem complicated by a medical condition with arthritis and bone problems in both feet. Where have all the lockers gone?


A recent visit to the school board meeting to ask that question was enlightening. Student lockers were ‘arbitrarily ‘ dropped from the high school plans due to “cost” and “teenagers don’t use them anyway” was what I was told....

Wait a minute! There is a huge bond measure which taxpayers pay dearly for, and yet lockers are dropped due to “costs”?  And since when don’t teenagers want a locker? No wonder it has become fashionable not to wear a coat on cold winter days.....they have to lug them around too...not a healthy situation. Then there is the issue of  student spines, backs and shoulders that pose health risks for their futures - I myself know there are students that have been damaged already. If lockers were dropped for security purposes, how about the dangerous things bulky jackets and backpacks can conceal as they wander around school grounds?

David Lewis, Parkrose parent, is a proponent of lockers for students. David has provided research and proposals from locker companies and given the superintendent architectural drawings for proposed locations during the second half of this past school year. However, the issue still sits on a sad little “low priority” wait list for maintenance & repairs and what are commonly referred to as “pet projects”.  It worries me to think what the potential liability to the district could  be if just one student’s family sued the district for damages when lockers should have been done right the first time - before school finances really got tough. We need lockers available soon!


Kyle Ziegler

Parkrose patron 


Save Shrine Children’s Hospital


Dear Editor,

I read your article on the Social Services Center in the June 2001 issue.  I also read the article where Shrine hospital is going to put up apartments and tear the old building down.

I worked for Shrine Hospital for a number of years - this is a beautiful old building that cannot be replaced at today’s prices.  This building was used as a children’s hospital for fifty years.  I saw many children nursed back to health and taken care of there.  It is already set up for taking care of children.

Could this be purchased and used for this purpose again by the county?  I am sure county residents are already familiar with this facility, both it’s value as a beautiful old building and the countless children that have been helped here.  Maybe it can be saved.


Sincerely Yours,

Mrs. Eileen Malone



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