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Snow Much Fun
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Five-year-old Gracie Bell poses before returning to her snowman creation.
Argay resident Tyler McQuain, 15, zeroes in on his target, Skyler Smith, during the brief snow event last month.
Five-year-old Sasha Vaughan and neighbor Calvin Hillman-Johnson, 9, defend their snowman against attackers.
The hill behind Menlo Park Elementary is a natural gathering place anytime it snows. Despite predictions of seven inches or more, only one to two inches fell Thursday, Feb. 24 in Mid-county.
Nicholas Hounton, 6, slides down the hill behind Menlo Park Elementary.
Sisters Selena, 13, and Maddie Batiste, 11, waste no time building their snowman.
It did not last long; it was smaller than breathlessly hyped, only an inch or two, but, with every school closed, east Portland kids took to the snow naturally, on Thursday, Feb. 24 (doesn't it seem to freeze at least one week in February every year?).

The small amount of snow gave traditional snow play - sledding, snowman building and snowball fighting - an urgency as it mostly melted by the next day. See more pictures of kids having snow much fun last month at
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