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How do Mid-county restaurants rate?

Oregon Lottery in Mid-county

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Oregon Lottery in Mid-county
May Oregon Lottery results for Mid-county
Every month Oregonians spend in the neighborhood of $87 million on Oregon Lottery products. Of that amount about 62 percent is spent playing video games the remaining 28 percent to play traditional games-scratch offs, Keno, Power Ball and Mega Bucks. Retailers that offer these products are paid a commission. This chart shows the sales and commissions by some area businesses for May 2014. Businesses not offering video games are not included. Of the top 10 retail locations in the state last year three are right here in Mid-county: Original Joe's on Northeast 102nd Avenue and Halsey Street, Shari's on Airport Way and the Glass House Tavern on Sandy Boulevard. These locations sold about $1.5 million in lottery products last year. In May the top three retailers in our area were Shari's on Airport Way, Dotty's at 122nd and San Rafael and Dotty's Mall 205.

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