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To fully serve the community, the Mid-county Memo offers this section to showcase upcoming special events, celebrations of milestones in our readers’ lives, those seemingly small accomplishments that often do not receive the recognition they deserve, and everyday events that should be shared with friends and neighbors.

To ensure publication in the Memo Pad, please send submissions for each month by the 15th of the previous month. Memo Pad submissions for the August issue are due by Tuesday, July 15. For best results, e-mail Darlene Vinson at editor@midcountymemo.com. Or mail editorial submissions to 3510 NE. 134th Ave, Portland, OR 97230. To leave a phone message, call 503-287-8904, or fax your submission to 503-249-7672.

The next Susan Helms
Rebekah Thompson, Parkrose Middle School graduate and recipient of Space Camp Scholarship.
What happens when you dangle the to opportunity to attend Space Camp at the U.S. Space and Rocket Center in Huntsville, Alabama in front of a Parkrose Middle School Student? If that student happens to be recently graduated Rebekah Thompson, such an opportunity sets in motion a flurry of activity.

Thompson first learned about space camp and available scholarships about a year ago at OMSI. While she was unsuccessful with her first bid, she applied again this year and was rewarded with a scholarship valued at $399. That left her about $600 shy of the total amount needed, so this determined young lady set about earning the balance needed by selling candy, doing yard work, returning bottles and cans for refunds and soliciting help from friends and family.

The daughter of Foster and Myra Thompson, Rebekah first became interested in space after being assigned a project on women in careers. Her research dealt with the some of the first women in space. She now has her sights set on following in the footsteps of Susan Helms, the 1976 Parkrose graduate who holds the Extravehicular Activity, or space walk, world record of 8 hours and 56 minutes.

The Space Camp application process itself was pretty involved. In addition to the regular personal information, Thompson was required to write an essay, discuss science projects on which she had worked and design a patch that portrayed her talents, activities, awards and honors, important events in her life. Her teachers allowed her to work on these requirements in class and wrote letters of recommendation to accompany her application.

Thompson will be in Alabama the first week in August and expects to learn the history of the Apollo space program, which is especially appealing to her as her grandfather worked on the original Apollo and space programs while working as a mathematician at Edwards Air Force base in California. She also expects to experience shuttle simulator training, getting weightless, feeling the force of 4 Gs, working in a hydroponics lab, and learning about rocket engineering.

A well-rounded young woman, Thompson counts art, soccer, band and crafting among her other activities.

Kids plant Knott Park
Sacramento Elementary School third graders add seasonal color to Knott Park planting beds.
Doris R Larson,
Parkrose Heights Association of Neighbors
A recent Monday morning found Sacramento Elementary School kindergartners and first graders hard at work in Knott Park. Nancy Weaver’s students planted shrubs provided by Portland Parks and Recreation staff and picked up branches trimmed from trees.

Later in the day, Linda Timmel’s third graders, also from Sacramento, arrived to plant showy annuals they had started from seed in their classroom. Students proudly displayed their ‘I am a Knott Park Fan’ buttons while they worked.
Doris Larson, the Parks Coordinator for Parkrose Heights Association of Neighbors, reports this projects demonstrates how schools can help kids make a connection with their community.

Loaves & Fishes seeks bilingual help
Loaves & Fishes Centers, The Meals-On-Wheels People, is seeking people with Spanish/English or Spanish-only skills to help with outreach efforts the organization is implementing within the Portland metro area’s Hispanic community.

These positions include:

• Research Outreach Assistant, who will gather information about where large populations of Hispanics live, do their shopping, go to school and attend church;

• Canvasser, who will use information from the Research Outreach Assistant to accompany staff and volunteers in talking with Spanish-speaking residents and business owners about the program;

• Announcer, who will accompany staff and volunteers in making announcements in Spanish to Hispanic congregations at various churches and large community events;
• “Alimento” Event Assistant, who will facilitate events at various sites. This may include hosting, explaining sign-in procedures, serving meals, calling bingo games, minor cleanup, and ensuring guests board the correct LIFT buses when they leave the center.
• A translator will translate monthly newsletters and other Loaves & Fishes materials from English into Spanish.

Many Hispanic seniors served by Loaves & Fishes have low incomes and lack access to services and resources needed to function and maintain their independence. Health screening and nutrition workshops are available to seniors participating in the program in addition to ESL classes, an “Easy Moves” fitness program, inter-generational cultural celebrations and fellowship. In addition, seniors are encouraged to become involved in volunteering and assume leadership roles for multi-cultural activities.

Since 1970, Loaves & Fishes has provided a nutritional and social lifeline for seniors through on-site dining at 14 centers in Multnomah and eastern Washington counties and Meals-On-Wheels delivery to homebound seniors. With the help of about 5,000 volunteers, the non-profit agency now serves nearly 1 million meals each year.

For more information contact Sarah Bentley, Manager of Hispanic Programs at 503-869-4616 or loavesandfishes_espanol@yahoo.com


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