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The Mid-county Memo is your newspaper. We want to hear from you. Discuss an important issue or address a concern you want to call to the attention of the community. We prefer e-mailed letters to the editor sent to Darlene Vinson at Please put “Letter to the editor” in the subject line. You may also mail your letter to 3510 N.E. 134th Ave., Portland, OR 97230 or fax it to 503-249-7672. Deadline for the March issue is Friday, Feb. 15.

Former board member shoots back
To the Editor:

Mr. Crawford in the January Memo accuses me, “… of deliberately misinformed, counter productive and unnecessary antagonistic...” [sic]. Sorry Mr. Crawford, you might not like how I stated facts in my letter to the editor, but accusing me of misinformation is laughable. You may chose to walk around with rose colored glasses since you were on the board that made these decisions, but I prefer dealing in truths. As for your request to reasonably and objectively look at the accomplishments of the Parkrose School District, how does one do this when the deceptions have come continually? What is the truth Mr. Crawford?

I have tried to stay out of how this district was being run for the last 13 years. I decided, however when the deceptions, untruths, and lies became the norm I needed to speak. I believe you resigned from the board some time ago, so you have not been present when questions are asked, and I do not know if you have continued to read the total Mid-county Memo or just the letters to the editor. I could list at this time many examples of the problems existing in the district, but I do not want to be accused of being counter-productive.

Yes, Mr. Crawford we do have freedom of speech in this country, however, I do not use it to deceive the people of Parkrose as this board and administration have done and are still doing. Time for honor, respect and truth to once again be the founding principals of this district.

Oh Mr. Crawford, I am not a “Johnny-come-lately” to this district. I have had titles and still do.

Mark Gardner
Former member Parkrose School District Citizens Advisory Committee
Former member Parkrose School District Budget Committee
Former chair Parkrose School District Budget Committee
Former board member Parkrose School District
Former member and officer Parkrose Neighborhood Association
Former member Parkrose Educational Foundation board
Current member Parkrose Lions (Youth Exchange Chair District O)
Current board member Parkrose Neighborhood Prosperity Initiative

Current board member upset
To the Editor:

Dismayed to read the article in the most recent MidCounty Memo [sic].

The characterization that my decision to not seek a 3rd term on the Parkrose School District Board was a result of issues relating to the Rossi Property acquisition is a total fabrication.

Alesia Reese
Parkrose Board of Education member

Editor's note: The article, “District buys Rossi property”, January 2013, stated the controversy surrounding the condemn
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