The Mid-county Memo strives to be accurate and thorough in its coverage and corrects significant errors of fact. If you find an error, please call 503-287-8904 or e-mail

1. In last month’s Business Memos column, in the item “Former Parkrose adult business could become food cart pod,” we reported two errors. First, we stated that the building housing Tush Lingerie (4826 N.E. 105th Ave.) is owned by Windermere Community Realty. This is false. The owner is Evangeline Salvador of ECS Properties, LLC. Windermere oversaw renting the property but does not own it. Additionally, we noted that inspections of the building were crowdfunded. That is incorrect. We meant to say the inspections were crowdsourced.

2. In last month’s article “New parks headline City Council meeting,” we made two mistakes. We overstated by 10 acres the size of the new park designated “D150” at Southeast Division Street and 150th Avenue. It is 7.5 acres. In addition, we gave the wrong source of the funds to build Luuwit View and Gateway Discovery Parks. It is from System Development Charges by developers, who paid to build within city limits.

3. In last month’s article “Central City Concern breaks ground on Blackburn Building,” we reported that Stark Street Apartments will be leased to people who are medically fragile. This is incorrect. The Stark Street Apartments will lease to working individuals and families. The Blackburn Building apartments will serve people who are medically fragile as well as people with transitional and permanent housing needs.

4. In last month’s article “Construction in couplet commences in 2018,” we said riding your bicycle on sidewalks is a citable offense. It isn’t. Oregon Revised Statute (ORS) 811.050 makes it a Class B traffic infraction for a motorist to fail to yield the right of way to a bicyclist on a sidewalk, unless the bicyclist is in violation of another statute, ORS 814.410, which provides that a person commits the offense of “unsafe operation of a bicycle on a sidewalk” if the person:

• Suddenly leaves the curb or other place of safety and moves into the path of a vehicle, causing an immediate hazard

• Fails to give an audible warning before passing a pedestrian while riding on the sidewalk

• Fails to yield to all pedestrians on the sidewalk

• Rides carelessly or in a manner that endangers others or endangers property

• Rides at a speed greater than an ordinary walk when approaching or entering a crosswalk, driveway, curb cut or pedestrian ramp if a motor vehicle is approaching

Otherwise, riding your bicycle on Portland sidewalks—except in a small section of downtown Portland—is okay.

We apologize for these errors and any confusion this may have caused.