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What’s with all the litter?
To the Editor:

Since Portland is so environmentally conscious, why are we not conscious of the trash in our city? It’s pathetic that our city streets are littered with trash and garbage. Why not use low-risk inmates to clean up this city or put the many street-dwellers to work cleaning up the messes they leave behind?

We recently encountered a homeless family from California who said they were told to go to Portland because Portland takes care of [its homeless population]. Isn’t that wonderful? I’ve also heard that homeless [people] from other states are told they can live on our city sidewalks, [in our parks] or anywhere they want. What’s wrong with this city to allow this to continue? Our property taxes are way too high for this to be happening here.

The other day, a person wrote a letter about banning plastic straws. That’s the least of our worries when you can watch a person throw garbage out of their car window onto a city street!

Sandi Zeller
Argay Terrace