One ambitious Gateway-focused project looks like it’s having some trouble flying off the runway. The Gateway Park Project, which is a methodical mesh of mixed-use community space, began its fledgling stages of development back in June 2016.

The project is the product of a determined partnership between Human Solutions, an organization dedicated to serving low-income families in east Portland, and Gerding Edlen, a powerhouse real estate development firm. But it’s behind schedule.

“The project is still in negotiations. There is not a date set for a groundbreaking at this stage in the process,” says Martha Calhoun, the communications representative from the Portland Housing Bureau’s Executive Leadership and Management Team.

Buoyed by community feedback, the project intends to provide the area with ground-floor retail fronting Northeast Halsey that will serve the neighborhood with commercial space and high-quality, mixed-income housing.

The current site design offers commercial office space on the second floor, as well as 78 units of housing.

The site is located at 10520 N.E. Halsey St. and is located adjacent to Gateway Discovery Park, which is also brand spanking new.

Initially, the permitting process was meant to begin this June, with construction breaking ground in November.

For more information or to sign up for the project’s e-mail list please contact Mary-Rain O’Meara, project manager, Human Solutions, at 503-548-0284 or