There are approximately 3,000 restaurants in Multnomah County and about 350 in Mid-Multnomah County.

Multnomah County Health Department Environmental Health Spets conduct unannounced inspections of food service establishments. These inspectors ensure food safety by evaluating worker habits and practices, food origins and restaurant storage. In addition, they check how food is prepared and cooked and cooling, holding and reheating temperatures.

Priority violations unable to be corrected at the time of the inspection must be corrected within 14 days and verified by a reinspection. A safe, alternative procedure must be in place until the final correction is completed.

A restaurant must receive a score of 70 to pass the inspection. Reinspections are not scored. Customers will find a placard on a restaurant’s entrance that indicates if the facility passed its last routine health inspection.

Recent results for restaurants in Mid-county are as follows:

(download a copy here: may2017_restaurants)