People prefer Option C for Human Solutions’ new one-acre mixed-use development in Gateway on Halsey Street at Northeast 106th Avenue, with the design being finalized this winter.


Nonprofit Human Solutions held an open house last month to present the peoples’ preferred concept design for the new, mixed-use development next to the new three-acre Gateway Discovery Park, which is currently under construction at Northeast 106th Avenue and Halsey Street. While no new information was presented from previous focus groups, these new renderings of the preferred concept, Option C, were shared with the public. Thirty-five units of market-rate housing were added to the original 40 units of affordable housing for a total of 75 units on the one-acre site.

The design will not be finalized until this winter, according to the official project timeline.

ih_hs_development_december_2016-3The drawings depict in greater detail the community’s preferred concept, the most expensive option, which breaks the development down into three architecturally distinct segments, with parking screened from view by placing it underneath some of the buildings, said Mary-Rain M. O’Meara, Human Solutions’ housing development coordinator.

For more information about the project, call O’Meara at 503-548-0284, or email her at The project’s website is