The Mid-county Memo strives to be accurate and thorough in its coverage and corrects significant errors of fact. If you find an error, please call 503-287-8904 or e-mail department editor Darlene Vinson at

In last month’s article, “New look at Brown’s Point S Tires”, about Brown’s Tire Factory and its 200-member co-op joining Point S, we overstated by more than one hundred the number of countries Point S has service centers in. Currently, there are 3,300 Point S Service Centers in 30 countries worldwide. Since there are only 196 countries in the world, we should’ve caught that one. We apologize to Kelly Brown and readers for the error.

In last month’s article about the future route of the bus rapid transit line, “Key decision made before meeting,” we inadvertently created some confusion. To clarify, what was presented at the June 1 meeting was staff’s current finding that an inner Division route looks more promising than an inner Powell route, but final and key decisions on route and station locations have not yet been made. The steering committee will decide on a route recommendation in the fall.

We regret the inartful phrasing and apologize for the confusion it caused.