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DEQ offered a correction to the information its spokesperson Keith Johnson had earlier provided us and that we published in last month’s “Owens-Brockway inspection overdue” article.

Instead of being annual on-site inspections, Title V permit inspections by DEQ are performed at least once every two years of the five-year term of the permit, according to Gerald Ebersole. In answer to follow-up questions, Ebersole confirmed that Owens-Brockway’s permit is in effect under administrative renewal. He also clarified that the inspection frequency varies depending upon whether a permittee is generally in or out of compliance. He noted that Owens-Brockway was more frequently inspected from 2008–2012, when opacity violations were regularly occurring, and less frequently inspected in the past four years. DEQ expects to perform a site inspection—which are typically announced to the inspected, according to Ebersole—by late summer or early fall of 2016.