Ann Beeman 1937–2016 From Equus Ferox 1969 (yearbook)

Ann Beeman 1937–2016
From Equus Ferox 1969 (yearbook)

Ann Beeman is remembered by former students as a compassionate teacher who saw each student as a unique individual. She died at home last month a few days after her 79th birthday.

Beeman was born June 9, 1937, to Albert and Eleanor Strayer in Newport, Wash. She graduated from Newport High School and Washington State University. She spent much of her career teaching at Parkrose High School. She was a kind and empathetic teacher, touching the lives of many students with her positive regard for each.

As former student Patricia Molenkamp Webster (PHS, 1969) recalls, “Mrs. Beeman was a stickler for the rules.” She expected gym uniforms to be clean and pressed each Monday and that students be on time for class. “Don’t even try to do 19 pushups when asked to do 20,” Webster said. “In the end, it was all about having fun while following the rules of the game.”

Ann Beeman 1937–2016 The Beeman Family

Ann Beeman 1937–2016
The Beeman Family

Drawing inspiration from nature, Beeman was an accomplished colored pencil and watercolor artist. She also enjoyed quilting and liked to experiment with techniques and mediums.

She and her husband, Jim, were married nearly 50 years. They enjoyed camping at the beach and in the mountains.

Beeman is survived by her husband and her sister and brother-in-law, Nancy and Fred Flint.