We strive to be accurate and correct at the Mid-county Memo. However, in last month’s article “Powell-Division Rapid Transit alignment debated, the 82nd Avenue crossover between Northeast Powell and Northeast Division streets decision is not yet final; rather, it is the current strong recommendation. We apologize for saying it is the chosen crossover street.

This crossover street probably would have a station at the corner of Southeast 82nd Avenue and Division Street, so that access to Portland Community College East campus and Warner Pacific College would be a few blocks closer than stated. The Oregon Museum of Science and Industry is the first stop east of the Willamette River.

Nevertheless, the plan is for the rapid transit route to continue at least to downtown Portland and perhaps all the way to Oregon Health & Science University on the Willamette River’s west side, the exact routes and station locations of which are also undecided. Moreover, the routes are only dash-lined and not even proposed station locations are depicted on the published map. Finally, the Memo perhaps should have reminded readers that the Powell-Division Rapid Transit project envisions the use of high-capacity, articulated buses for less expensive infrastructure development and increased passenger-moving capacity along the rapid transit corridor.