Mid-county Oregon Lottery results for August

In the fiscal year ending June, 2015, Oregonians spent in the neighborhood of $88 million on Oregon Lottery products each month. About 71 percent is spent playing video games; the rest on traditional games: Keno, Powerball, Megabucks, and scratch-its. Retailers offering these products are paid a commission. The chart below shows area businesses’ sales and commissions for August 2015. Businesses not offering video games are not included.

Of the top 10 locations in the state last year, four are in Mid-county: Shari’s on Airport Way, Dotty’s at Mall 205, Elmer’s in Parkrose and the Glass House Tavern on Sandy Boulevard. These locations had about $5.3 million in sales of video lottery products last year. In August, the top three retailers in our area were Shari’s on Airport Way, Elmer’s in Parkrose and Glass House Tavern.

(or you can download a copy here: oct2015_lottery)