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Could sky ramps be an option for Halsey/Weidler couplet?

To the Editor: 

Halsey corridor, Northeast Halsey Street from 102nd Avenue East to 122nd Avenue now has a small-town speed trap like the notorious ones outside Portland on the way to the coast—all thanks to a few whiners who complained to city hall. Why can’t overhead pedestrian ramps be established like the ones used past 122nd Avenue? The sky ramps are much safer for pedestrians, especially at night.

Twenty-five miles per hour is a residential speed, not a commercial one. Halsey is a main artery connecting to East Portland and Gresham. Having a heavily traversed street that starts at 25 mph and magically becomes 35 mph down the line is a classic revenue generator for the city. I know, as I recently got a ticket for not crawling along (in the 25 mph zone) at 9:15 p.m. heading east. This is more about generating easy money for the city than it is about public safety.

Lastly, if you like an evening walk in the dark, start wearing bright clothing or reflective gear. I’ve seen way too many people on bikes and foot in dark clothes after sunset. Wake up, folks, and start taking some personal responsibility.

Marvin Thiessen

Sumner resident



Thank you, anonymous clean up crew

To the Editor:

I just wanted to thank whoever it was that cleaned up the trash (and there was a lot of it!) around the I-84 overpass and the railroad bridge on Northeast 148th Avenue.

It amazes me that people actually throw trash onto our city streets. Obviously they were raised by heathens and never learned to pick up after themselves.

There were several of us that live in Rivercliff Estates that were going to take a day and clean up that area. So, again, thank you.

Sandi Zeller

Rivercliff Estates Homeowners Association