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Mid-County spirit alive and well

Year old neighborhood association brings neighbors together


The Parkrose Neighborhood Association’s (P.N.A.) first Harvest Festival held at Rossi Farms on Saturday, September 8 was a huge success with over 500 friends and neighbors of Parkrose in attendance.

Special thanks were extended from the P.N.A. to the following people, organizations and businesses for their support and help: Joe Rossi, for allowing the use of Rossi Farms as a location for the event, also for the hay rides, corn-on-the cob and watermelons; Home Depot; the entertainers, including Country Capers Square Dance Group, Peter Sanchez Swing and Ballroom Dance Troop, the Parkrose High School Elite Dance Team, Tim Alexander the Strolling Magician, Old Country Buffet Clown; as well as the Portland Police Bureau mobile command center along with representatives and equipment from the Portland Fire Bureau’s Station No. 43. “Everyone enjoyed the party,” according to event chair and P.N.A. board member Amy Salvador.

“This was a group effort from the board of the Parkrose Neighborhood Association, said P.N.A. Chairman Ron Nelson. “Each one of the board members put a lot forward to make the Harvest Festival a success, as well as a lot of other individuals that live in Parkrose.”

“When I first started with the neighborhood association, I told the entire Board (of Directors) that I want positive things to happen. I am very impressed with what has happened.”

“After the event, we got a nice card and congratulations from the Parkrose School Board, thanking us for planning a wonderful community event, and to keep up the great work. Our inaugural Harvest Festival was a huge success. Just wait for the second Harvest Festival.”

The P.N.A., which hosts the Harvest Festival, and other neighborhood improvement projects, meets on the third Tuesday of each month at St. Matthew’s Episcopal Church, located on Northeast 112th Avenue and Prescott Street. Everyone is welcome to come to join the P.N.A. with their many planned neighborhood improvement projects.

On Saturday, October 20, the P.N.A. will help with the East Portland Neighborhood Office’s Mid-County cleanup. The cleanup site will be located at 122nd Avenue and East Burnside Street in the Tri-Met parking lot, from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. For more information on this and other neighborhood projects call P.N.A. chair Ron Nelson at 503-254-1164.



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