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Local businesses are the lifeblood of our community. The Mid-county Memo offers this section to our business neighbors for news, advancements, promotions, expansions and other noteworthy events to be shared with the community at large. Business Memo submissions for the October issue are due by Monday, Sept. 16. For best results, e-mail Darlene Vinson at You may also mail submissions to 3510 N.E. 134th Ave., Portland, OR 97230. To leave a phone message, dial 503-287-8904. The Mid-county Memo fax number is 503-249-7672.

Boss Hawg's business booming
Bartender Marisa Garcia serves breakfast to one of her regular customers at Boss Hawg's Bar 'N' Grill. Open every day, Boss Hawg's serves breakfast, lunch and dinner.
Mid-county Memo photo/Tim Curran
According to Larry Olsen, owner of Boss Hawg's Bar 'N' Grill in Gateway, his business is up 24 percent over the last year. He attributes the increase to consistency. “We serve good food; we're consistent, customers know what to expect when they come in,” he said. “Drama is down, lottery is up, and business is up.” Boss Hawg's is at 617 N.E. 102nd Ave. in Gateway. The website is; the phone number is 503-252-4647.

Starbucks opening in Gateway this month
A new Starbucks, built with renovated shipping containers, a new design and a first in Portland is scheduled to open on Northeast 122nd Avenue and Halsey Street.

Other Starbucks locations with the same new design and building materials were built in Northglenn, Colo., Salt Lake City, Utah, and Tukwila, Wash.

A new Starbucks is coming to Mid-County. Lowered into place, the new design-largely constructed off-site using renovated shipping containers-is modular.
The new Starbucks in the Russell neighborhood is also the first in Portland with customized bike racks and landscaping for customers who want to walk or bike up through the drive-through.

Mostly constructed off-site, and then lowered into place on-site, the store is modular; the construction is permanent at that location, according to a Starbucks spokesperson.

In a statement, the company said it aimed to create a design that reflects Portland. “When designing this store for Portland, our in-house design team considered a variety of factors, including the world-famous biking culture, temperate climate, pet-friendly community, communal sensibilities, and residents who place as much importance on sustainability as we do. And of course Portland's love of coffee.”

Welcome to east Portland.

New company brings local sports to your phone
Parkrose High School is one of six schools beta testing ReplayLocker, a new company's effort to broadcast high school sports in real time to smart phones. Marketing and implementation associate Cole Dahle, left, poses with videographer, Ryan Rempfer, a 2012 Parkrose graduate. In addition to Rempfer, 2012 PHS graduates Matt Cates and Thomas Lott also work for ReplayLocker as videographers at their alma mater.
Mid-county Memo photo/Tim Curran
Parkrose High School is one of six high schools chosen as a beta test site for a new wave of sports technology that will change the way fans watch sports. ReplayLocker is an application allowing fans at a sporting event or away from a game to view highlights on smart phones or tablets only seconds after a play ends.

Highlights are saved on the fan's device, allowing him or her to view the plays at any time. Fans can also download full game footage online.

With up to three camera angles, subscribers can control the replay with state-of-the-art controls, including forward and reverse, slow motion, frame by frame scrubbing, and ease of sharing.

Until now, highlights at high school athletic events happen and then disappear. If a play was missed the first time, there was no way to retrieve it for a second look. ReplayLocker ensures users will not miss key plays during trips to the concession stand or the restroom. In addition, from any angle you choose, spectacular touchdowns, goals or baskets can be shared instantly on Facebook, Twitter or YouTube.

Parkrose High School had the ReplayLocker system installed in its gym, pool and football stadium, and is one of only four schools in Oregon to bring this new technology to fans. Football, soccer, volleyball, water polo, basketball, swimming and track and field will all benefit from this system, and the athletic department now has access to a brand new fundraising tool.

All 2013 home varsity football, soccer, volleyball and water polo matches are recorded. A scratch-off card, available for $2 at games, will allow access to highlights within seconds of the live play. Full game downloads through the ReplayLocker application are available for $3 during the game or after.

The app is compatible with Apple and Android and can be found in Apple App or Google Play stores-search for ReplayLocker. A download link is also available at After downloading the free app, and before buying it, fans can access sample footage at no charge. A ReplayLocker representative will be at each sporting event to offer technical support.

For the fall of 2013, ReplayLocker is working with six beta test schools: Oregon City, Milwaukie, Lakeridge and Parkrose in Oregon and Mission Hills and Valley Central high schools in California. The schools were handpicked based on their commitment to the success of the testing period. “We have been very impressed by Parkrose High School's proactive approach to this next wave in sports technology,” said Cole Dahle, Replay Locker marketing and implementation associate. “Dave Richardson [Parkrose Athletic Director] has been phenomenal to work with.”
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