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Smith throws his hat in the ring for mayor of Portland
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Sidewalk projects on the horizon
Community loses longtime educator and volunteer
Perlman's Potpourri:
Three social service agencies to inhabit new Glisan Street building
9/11 stands alone in history, memory
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Is there an ACE up Portland Public Schools' sleeve?

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We strive to be accurate and correct at the Mid-county Memo. However, in Lee Perlman's article “Smith offers candidates Mid-county tour,” there were several inaccuracies.

Rep. Jefferson Smith, D-Portland, right, representing east Portland's District 47, organized a pair of guided tours of the area, and invited candidates and current officeholders to learn about issues people who live in his district face daily. From left, Portland Tribune reporter Steve Law, Rep. Lew Frederick, D-Portland, and Smith aide Lucy Palmersheim.
Mid-county Memo photo/Lee Perlman
We misspelled the last name of Smith's aide Lucy Palmersheim. The liquor store referred to is on East Burnside Street at 101st Avenue on the light rail and, according to Smith and Palmersheim, is the only such store in the Portland area, not necessarily the state, which is open on Sunday. (For the record, there are two other stores open Sundays in east Portland: Gateway and Eastport). The vehicle used for the tour was an eight-passenger Suburban, not a 10-passenger limo. It should also be noted that the vehicle was loaned to Smith for the tour through the generosity of the Ron Tonkin Corporation, not leased by public or other funds. (We might add that Perlman can testify first-hand the luggage compartment was surprisingly comfortable to ride in.) There were also mistakes in the photo caption for the article; reprinted here with the corrected cutline. Also, see a letter to the editor in this issue from one of the tour participants. We apologize for our errors.
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