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Dads, daughters dine, dance at David Douglas
Airport plan nears completion
Council, east Portland endorse bike plan
East Portland UR boundaries may change
Fix-It Fair ends its season at Parkrose High School Community Center
Boosters benefit rocks Roseland

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Local businesses are the lifeblood of our community. The Mid-county Memo offers this section to our business neighbors for news, advancements, promotions, expansions and other noteworthy events to be shared with the community at large. Business Memo submissions for the April issue are due by Monday, March 15. For best results, e-mail Darlene Vinson at You may also mail submissions to 3510 N.E. 134th Ave., Portland, OR 97230. To leave a phone message, dial 503-287-8904. The Mid-county Memo fax number is 503-249-7672.

Family owned landscape service starts mowers for 38th season
John Keller, right, and son Jason care for one of the many yards that Lawn Specialties service in Mid-county. Keller is using a Cooper Clipper, a power reel mower (they really don't make them like this anymore) that's been modified with lower gears, giving the reel more power. The cutting method they're employing - developed 20 years ago by Keller - is called undercutting. This obviates the need, in most cases, for annual thatching, which is one of many ways Lawn Specialties saves its customers money.
Lawn Specialties, one of the oldest established lawn-care businesses in the Portland metro area, is celebrating its 38th year. Owner and operator John L. Keller began providing full landscape service to residential homes and businesses in 1972.

Keller began working in landscaping in 1966 while still in high school. He estimates he has mowed over 50,000 lawns since then.

In 1973, wife Jeanie joined the business. She managed the accounting and in-home office. Over time, the family grew. Jeanie continued to help out while also caring for their four children. As they got old enough, all the children worked alongside their parents.

Ten years ago, son Jason Keller joined his dad full time in day-to-day operations. This year, grandson Dakota will become a third-generation family member to work in the business.

Gateway residents have likely seen John and Jason working in their neighborhoods, as each runs a Lawn Specialties vehicle in the area.

To put the Kellers' years of experience and attention to detail to work in your yard, call 503-255-9996 or drop a note to

New location, same commitment to quality
If you have been looking for Parkrose Mower, the Memo has found them at a new location: 11904 N.E. Halsey St. Parkrose Mower is a family-owned-and-operated business that has been part of this community for 25 years. The factory-trained technicians on staff provide professional service for most brands of outdoor power equipment. They also sell high-quality lawn and garden equipment such as mowers, chainsaws, trimmers and blowers. Spring is just around the corner. Now is the time to get your equipment ready for the mowing and gardening season. Stop by and see Gary, Nancy and their sons at Parkrose Mower real soon. You can call them at 503-254-2334.

Western States becomes university
Western States Chiropractic College is about to change its name to the University of Western States Chiropractic Studies, Vice President for Financial Affairs Nancy Mitzen told the Russell Neighborhood Association at the general meeting last month. The name change reflects the multiple disciplines of study and graduate courses now available at the school at 2900 N.E. 132nd Ave. The new university will not have any sports teams or mascot, but it does have gold and purple as official school colors.

Nursing trees through winter damage
It's time to check the trees on your property for winter damage and do some annual pruning. While we are usually good at cleaning up what has fallen to the ground, it is also important to check the wound where branches have fallen away.

There is rarely a clean break at the area of separation, leaving an open entryway for insects or harmful organisms. Although we have a tendency to think of trees as being tough enough to deal with their own problems it is actually not always the case. A tree's vigor is reliant upon a delicate balance of sun, soil, water and nutrients. There are sometimes sufficient reserves of energy and other times not. Closing wounds and fighting off decay are a constant source of energy loss to a tree, much like leaving a window open in your house during winter. A clean cut made at the proper location on a tree can assist in a rapid recovery, minimizing this energy drain.

Clean up any stubs and waterspout growth with a sharp saw or pruner. If you're not sure how to begin, pick up a book or look online for how to correctly prune a branch, and above all, don't go out on a limb when it begins to look like a job for a professional.

One such professional is Larry Light of Treehappy Tree Service. Light is an ISA Certified Arborist (# PN 6649A). Call him at 503-737-8835 to ensure your trees are properly cared for.

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