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East Portland: This pool’s for you


The first public pool in east Portland is expected to open later this month. The 24,000-square-foot addition to the East Portland Community Center will house a lap pool, a leisure/children’s pool with two slides and a 15-person circular spa.
Nancy Roth, left, is aquatic program supervisor and Abbe MacFarlane is East Portland Community Center director.
Although an exact date had yet to be set at press time, the new East Portland Community Aquatics Center — a 24,000 square foot addition to the East Portland Community Center, 740 S.E. 106th Ave. — will open sometime in mid-February, said Center Director Abbe L. MacFarlane. The addition, which will be connected to the main center, will have three pools. One will be a conventional four-lane lap pool 25 yards long, with 82-degree water. A second leisure pool, designed primarily for children, will have two slides: one 120 feet long and a second, smaller one descending the back of a shark statue. This feeds into a vortex with a water current carrying swimmers through a curing course and an adjoining lap pool with 89-degree water. The third water feature will be a circular spa, accommodating up to 15 people, with 102-degree temperatures. Special devices by the side of the pools will help the disabled with pool access. Automatic switches and sensors dim the lights when the floor-to-ceiling windows admit a certain level of brightness, or when lack of movement indicates the pools are not in use. The center’s existing men’s and women’s locker rooms have been revamped as part of the project.

Although this will be the first public pool in east Portland, it is the 13th in the Portland Parks system; it is unlikely that people will come vast distances to use it or that people will have to stand in line. “We know it will be popular, but for none of our pools do you have to wait long,” MacFarlane said.

The Aquatics Center was the last project funded by the last park levy. The Portland City Council later allocated additional funds to finish it when inflation in the price of steel and concrete busted the original $12 million budget.

Adults 18 and over will pay $5 for a single visit; for that price they can also utilize the weight room, basketball court and all other center athletic facilities. There are lower prices for seniors and children, and there will be multiple-use passes that provides cost savings. To find out exactly when this cool, new pool opens, call the EPCC at 503-823-3450 or check the Memo blog,; we’ll post the pool’s opening date as soon as we get the word.
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