Thanks to the Parkrose High choir, pink flamingos are showing up in yards all around Parkrose. This whimsical fundraiser will continue throughout most of the school year as the choir works to raise funds for a trip to New York this spring.

Here’s how it works: Pay a fee of either $10 or $15 and under cover of darkness, a Parkrose choir parent will sneak into your friend’s yard with a flock of 10 or 15 plastic pink flamingos where they will stay for about 24 hours.

MaryLu Baetkey and her young neighbor, Vicki Ebert, enjoy a flock of pink flamingos in Baetkey’s Parkrose yard. Ebert is a 6th grader at Parkrose Middle School and hopes to one day join the high school choir…the group responsible for this flocking.

The lucky recipient receives explanatory literature and is given the opportunity to purchase ‘insurance’ against future flockings for $10. Recipients are also encouraged to suggest the next victim of this fundraising prank. Flamingos are removed automatically. No fee is required to have them moved on to greener pastures.

The choir will be in New York for a week in May. They will perform in the Lincoln Center, cruise on the Statue of Liberty ferry, visit the Empire State building and see “Wicked” and “Rain” on Broadway. Each participating student is responsible for the cost of the trip. To help foot the bill for this adventure, students have sold Christmas wreaths, chocolate, and pepperoni sticks. The Michael Allen Harrison Back Home concert on Sunday, Dec. 10 at 2 p.m. at the high school is a major fundraiser.

To plant a flock of flamingos in an unsuspecting friend or neighbor’s yard, call or text Deanne Paltridge at 503-504-7734 or Liz Shepard at 503-459-8757.