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The Mid-county Memo is your newspaper. We want to hear from you. Discuss an important issue or address a concern you want to call to the community's attention. We prefer e-mailed letters to the editor sent to Darlene Vinson at Please put “Letter to the editor” in the subject line. You may also mail your letter to 3510 N.E. 134th Ave., Portland, OR 97230 or fax it to 503-249-7672. Deadline for the June issue is Sunday, May 15.

Thirty-year obligation surprises reader

To the Editor:

I knew there was a reason I read the Mid-county Memo from the first page to the last page. It was not until I read the front-page article ('Parkrose voters face tough decision') of the April Memo was I aware that this Parkrose bond request was for 30 years. None of the campaign material stated the length, so foolish me; I thought 15 years at the most.

I am a big supporter of education and know sometimes hard choices must be made. When I think of students in Parkrose kindergarten today being 35 or 36 years old when this bond is paid off, I am concerned. We are talking about hog-tying the flexibility of future Parkrose School District boards for 30 years. Whoa!

In the year 2041 the final payment for this debt obligation will be made for many items that appear to be wants more than needs.

Gosh o'golly, this is one amazing request from the Parkrose School District.

MaryLu Baetkey
Resident of Parkrose for 55 years

School board encourages Yes vote
To the Editor:

The Parkrose School District Bond Measure 26-123 is part of the Parkrose plan to continue the growth of student achievement in our schools. The Parkrose school board is keeping its promise to provide the community with outstanding educational opportunities for all students.

Measure 26-123 will build a new middle school and increase student safety with security upgrades to schools. The bond will provide 21st century technology modernizations to all facilities, which will directly impact student achievement.

YES for Parkrose is a volunteer effort which is supported by the Parkrose School Board and led by outstanding volunteers. Measure 26-123 will support family wage jobs and bring resources to Parkrose businesses and companies.

Measure 26-123 does not increase the current tax rate and is not connected to any other school district or bond efforts in Portland. Property values in Parkrose benefit from strong school districts.

Parkrose Board of Education encourages the Parkrose community to support Measure 26-123 and voters to vote YES for Parkrose!

Thank you,
Parkrose Board of Education
Ed Grassel, Chair
Guy Crawford, Vice Chair
James Woods
Adair Fernee
Alesia Reese

Letter writer regrets attack
To the Editor:
I had another letter to send to the Memo this month in regards to the board letter printed in the March issue, but as I read the April issue including letters to the editor and paid advertisements, it dawned on me that I know some of these people.

I wrote my first letter because the current board in responding to Mr. Keating's letter (February Letters to the Editor), defended their decisions and attacked decisions made by previous boards, citizens and employees of the Parkrose School District. My letter was in defense of those being attacked, yet upon reading my letter in print, I realized I had launched an attack against the current board.

Attack. Defend. Attack. Defend. Has anything really changed since the fall of 1996 when this all started? James Woods mentioned this in his letter.

I feel at this time that all we have changed is some of the players. Are we prepared to put another generation of students through the turmoil of new construction and upgrades that high school students went through a decade ago? I am not. That is why I will vote no this May.

Mark Gardner
Parkrose School Board 1995-1999
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