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Dear Editor,

I am a little concerned about your article on the chronic nuisance laws and what happened. In the article it was stated that the one residence occupied by Lawrence Forman was under suspicion for 3 years. Yet Mr. Forman stated he has only lived in the house of a little over a year. How can a subsequent tenant be held accountable for a problem created earlier?

Also, it seems to me that once Child Services came in and investigated the house and found nothing, that this would resolve several issues. There was no mention of charges ever being filed. If there were legitimate findings, it seems only logical that some type of police charges would have been filed.

My worry is that this is just another way of discrimination. I fear that if you are not liked or ‘fit in’ to your neighborhood, with this law, you may be made to leave. Even if charges are never founded if they keep calling the police on you, you will be labeled a chronic nuisance. It seems to me that nuisance is the neighborhood association that keeps calling the police on issues that are not being substantiated.

Marjorie Garcia
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