“Teaching kids to count is fine, but teaching them what counts is best.”
- Bob Talbert 1936 - 1999
Talbert was a dedicated journalist for the Detroit Free Press. In his three decades at the Free Press, he wrote an estimated 9,000 columns.
The sheer volume of his work endeared him to readers. As important as writing was to Talbert, he equally valued his
commitments to his community and to journalism education.
Vol. 18, No. 9 • Mailed monthly to over 12, 400 homes in the Gateway & Parkrose Communities Free • JANUARY 2003
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Governor-Elect boosts Gateway
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Parkrose resident Marcy Emerson-Peters spearheads Johnson’s Lake Project
PDC profiles Mid-Multnomah County’s Gateway district

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Governor-Elect boosts Gateway


Governor-elect Ted Kulongoski spoke at the December Gateway Area Business Association (GABA) meeting held Thursday, December 12 at El Indio Restaurant, 11114 N.E. Halsey Street. It was Kulongoski’s third appearance in as many months at the business group’s monthly general membership meeting, but not his last.

“If you ever need me I’ll be out here,” he said at the meeting. The Gateway area is trying to revitalize itself through a year old urban renewal district and efforts by Gateway business and neighborhood leaders.

Governor-elect Ted Kulongoski (back row right) poses with El Indio proprietors and brothers Miguel (back row left), and Jesus Ruelas (back row middle). Jesus’ daughters, nine-year-old Vanassa (front), and 11-year-old Marcelina (middle row right) with their thirteen year old cousin Sandra (middle row left) were also in attendance and met Oregon’s next Governor.
Gateway Area Business Association president Fred Sanchez is a personal friend of Kulongoski, and as board member of the Opportunity Gateway urban renewal committee, Sanchez keeps Oregon’s next Governor apprised as to the progress of Gateway’s redevelopment efforts. Kulongoski compared the improvement efforts in Gateway to the overall concerns of Oregon.

Over 100 Mid-County business owners attended the luncheon and cheered when the Governor-elect told the GABA members that “What we’ve been talking about is how do we grow our economy, provide more living wage jobs and attract more businesses to the state. That’s what this organization is all about.”
GABA’s monthly meeting drew other Mid-County political leaders, Rep. Jeff Merkley D-Portland; Multnomah County Commissioner Lonnie Roberts; and Multnomah County Sheriff-elect Bernie Giusto. Merkley has been attending GABA meetings since his election and says that the work of organization’s like GABA and other efforts in Mid-County are helping to establish it as a regional business hub that deserves the attention of state leaders. Kulongoski told the group that “you’ve come together to have a good time, and that’s what Oregon needs more of.”
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