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Pool makes big splash in east Portland
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Parkway event comes to east Portland
Mr. Smith goes to Hazelwood
City's largest solar array gets underway

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It has been just one year since city officials cut the ribbons on the East Portland Community Center's new pool and aquatics center. Center Director Abbe L. MacFarlane shared some usage numbers:

Approximately 110,000 people have used the center's exercise area, which includes the pool, since it opened. The previous year, maybe 30,000 people used the dry land facilities. This year's exercise facility numbers included 24,000 seniors and 36,000 children, nearly all of which swam, plus 48,000 non-senior adults. An average of 400 adults and seniors took water exercise classes per day, 4,000 children had swimming lessons during the year, and there were 129 birthday parties in the private rooms overlooking the pool. The leisure pool, with its slides and artificial current, was the most popular attraction, the destination for about 80 percent of pool users. Another 18 percent used the conventional lap pool for exercise. Just 2 percent used the hot tub - "but they all loved it!" MacFarlane said.

"It's been tremendous for the entire east Portland area," she said. "We get s• much feedback about how pleased people are that this has arrived. We really see a lot of family groups, a segment of the community we hadn't seen before, especially among the Russians, Ukrainians and East Europeans."

A day pass costs $5 for adults, $4 for seniors and teens, $3 for younger children, while those 2 and under can swim for free. The rates per visit are reduced with long-term passes, and scholarships are available for those unable to pay. The East Portland Community Center and pool is at 740 S.E. 106th Ave.

The phone number is 503-823-3450.

Eleven-year-old Norena Arndt earns points for style as she navigates the water slide at the East Portland Aquatic Center pool on a recent Saturday. Look Grandma! No hands! Isaiah Arndt, 9, is all smiles on a recent outing with his grandparents at the East Portland Aquatic Center. Arndt's grandparents have been bringing their grandchildren here since the pool opened a year ago.
Bryant Dixon makes sure his niece Taija, 2, makes it safely down the water slide at East Portland Aquatic Center; she appears to be enjoying the ride too. Desiree Ramirez takes her 2-year-old son, Gilbert, for a ride down the slide.
The Memo found a group of kids playing water basketball during a Saturday afternoon Open Play Swim session at East Portland Aquatic Center. Open Play Swim sessions run from 1 to 5 p.m. Saturdays and Sundays. From left are Michael Schilling, 15; Freddie Cisneroz, 10; Anthony Martinez, 15; Matt Schilling, 18; Laurana Westby, 12; and Anna Adams, 10. The shark slide at the East Portland Aquatic Center pool doesn't scare these kids. Gilbert Ramirez, 2, squeals with delight at the bottom of the slide as 2-year-old Kelaiah Arndt splashes into the water behind him.
Laurana Westby gets a shot up despite Matt Schilling's defense.
Noodle boy. This young man lets flotation devices and the current of the artificial river at the East Portland Community Center pool propel him along its path.
This group is all smiles after a quick trip down the water slide at the East Portland Community Center pool. Norena Arndt, 11, left, waits for her brother to appear. Next to her Yazmin Ramirez, 7, and 2-year-old brother Gilbert share a special time with their mom, Desiree.
The East Portland Community Center offers a broad range of activities for all age groups. Here (from left) Jason Chen, 14, and Fletcher Pifer, 16, hone their table tennis skills. Pifer, a student at David Douglas, placed first among 13-17 year olds in a tournament at the center. Chen was second. He attends Franklin High. Both boys say they play ping pong at EPCC about three times a week.
Sixteen-year-old Fletcher Pifer of David Douglas High smiles as he prepares to slam home a winning shot at the East Portland Community Center. He recently won a table tennis tournament for his age group at the center.
Adults looking to get fit or stay fit have access to a full range of exercise equipment at East Portland Community Center.
Music lessons with private instruction are also available at the East Portland Community Center. Here 15-year-old Sam Barlow High student Jack Hamilton improves his skills under the tutelage of Jim Ledbetter. Hamilton's mother, Melissa Howlett, described Ledbetter as a really good teacher who is "very encouraging and provided structure that Jack needed to reach his goals."
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