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Character, Courage and Loyalty

Show their colors in Parkrose


Story By: Tim Curran

Photos By: Dave Bozek

The Mid-county MEMO


On Saturday, April 13 at Bob St. Aubin Stadium on 135th and East Burnside Street, Parkrose Little League held its opening day ceremonies.

This year, Parkrose Little League joined thousands of Little Leagues worldwide in honoring heroes of their respective hometowns. Police, firefighters, members of the  armed forces and medical professionals define who Home-town Heroes are. Hometown Heroes around the world were presented with certificates of recognition for outstanding service to their communities.

All of us realized after the tragic events of September 11, that every community is blessed with men and women who are willing to risk their lives every day as part of their jobs,š Stephen D. Keener, president and chief executive officer of Little League baseball said. This is Little League‚s way of saying őthank you‚, and showing them we appreciate their daily sacrifice.š

„We were pleased and proud to recognize our own Hometown Heroes, and the sacrifices they make,š said Parkrose Little League President Bobbi Malatesta. She continued, None of these people are drafted or forced into these occupations. In that sense, they are volunteers who willingly take on the task of protecting us, often with little recognition for their deeds. Our Hometown Heroes daily exemplify the Little League motto: character, courage and loyalty. It was fitting and proper for us to honor them today.





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