After an eight month run, and nearly a 30 year absence from Portland, Yaw’s Top Notch Restaurant, at 11340 N.E. Halsey St. in Gateway, closed its doors last week, perhaps forever.

When the first restaurant named Yaw’s opened in September 2012, it carried great expectations, high hopes and a built-in fan base.

In July 2012, when Yaw’s Top Notch was under construction, owner Stephen P. Yaw, Sr., poses with Barby Radmacher.

With a publicized labor dispute and other problems at the Gateway restaurant, owner Stephen P. Yaw, Sr. was evicted for non-payment of rent, according to property owner Dan Banes.

“We evicted him,” said Barnes. “That’s what happens when you don’t pay the rent.”

Barnes, who was also an investor in the business, declined to reveal how much money he gave Yaw, but added, “We’re in negotiation right now with other parties and hope to have a new lease signed by the end of the week.”

Sources told the Memo Barnes is talking to Yaw’s former employees and investors to get the place open again.

Neither Yaw or his attorney responded to phone calls or emails asking for a comment.

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