Top Notch arrest

On Thursday, April 4, east Portland restaurateur Stephen P. Yaw, Sr., who owns the recently opened Yaw’s Top Notch Restaurant in Gateway, was arrested in connection with an alleged assault on his live-in girlfriend and employee.

*Arrested at the restaurant and taken downtown for booking, Yaw bailed out of jail the same day.

Asked for comment on the arrest, Yaw said, in an email, “Yes I would love to comment on it. Especially since you have gone from the Mid-county-Memo to the Mid-county-Enquirer !!!!”

Steve Yaw, owner of Yaw’s Top Notch was arrested in connection with an alleged assault on his employee and live-in girlfriend.

Jackie Hogan, the alleged victim, said she met Steve Yaw in June 2012 when she was looking for a job.

Having previously worked at Elmer’s and Red Robin restaurants her entire career, she said she was hired as a parking lot greeter before the restaurant opened.

Hogan said the second day on the job, Yaw was sending her inappropriate and lewd text messages trying to seduce her. “He fell all in love with me,” she said. She tolerated it, because it was so hard to find work, she said. “It took me two years to find a job, I wasn’t going to lose this one over that.”

Moving in with Yaw in December, Hogan said she did it to be closer to the job.

Rising to be Yaw’s general manger, and on the inside of the operation, Hogan said she is appalled at how Yaw treats people. “I had to listen to all the horrible stuff Steve did to these people and keep my mouth shut,” she said. “I’ve been seeing how barbaric he is to human beings.”

**On Thursday, April 4, east Portland restaurateur Stephen P. Yaw was arrested in connection with an alleged assault on his girlfiend and employee Jackie Hogan.

Since her name isn’t on the lease, Hogan said she has to move out of the apartment they were sharing.

*Due to improper wording, this post was corrected on 4/19/. **To delete insensitive wording, a change in the caption was made on 4/21/.

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  1. david rogers says:

    this is david rogers i em jackie hogans son and would like to go on record by saying she is straight out lying about this whole story and her allegation that Steve hit her. From all this I have had to face shame and embarrasment from her and am not on speaking terms. I would also like to say it is quite the opposite and she was the aggressive one. She threatened to kill Steve wth a frying pan during one o her drunk escapades while he was sleeping. All Steve and I were attempting to do was get her help. I have been trying to get someone to listen to me and stop this madness. I want it to go on record that I spoke this and someone else typed it for me as Im not a good typer.
    David Nicholas Rogers, Jackie Hogans Son

  2. Frank says:

    Get real David,nickie ure turn for him to turn on is coming….don’t turn against family especially with this type of thing she can be what she is even if theirs a reasonable doubt but she’s ure family. He nothing but a coward and liar soon ill see this clear as day he cheats people and all that’s coming out by soooooo many will show this to be true.

  3. Tim Curran says:

    Steve Yaw’s reply via email:
    You’ve asked me for comments on your pending story regarding the assault charges and I have more than a few. Unfortunately I’m somewhat limited in what I can say because of the ongoing legal circus. However, I can comment as follows:
    First, I of course deny all wrongdoing and I’m confident I will be vindicated through the legal process. I did not hurt Jackie and I have evidence to will prove it. My lawyers tell me the Mid-County Memo is not the appropriate forum to present that evidence, but after the charges are dropped I’ll be able to speak more freely.
    Second, aside from being based entirely on false allegations, your story about the alleged assault is particularly offensive as you seem to think it’s appropriate to joke about it (calling me a “frog”—what does that even mean? And comparing Jackie’s face to “hamburger”). Obviously you believe I’m guilty (without having even heard my side of the story) but even if that was the case (and I assure you it’s not), how could you joke about it? Do you really think this is the tone and content your readers want to see from a community paper? Domestic violence is not funny, and neither are false accusations. Either way I was shocked at your flippant attitude. These are serious charges. At the very least I expected a serious news story.
    Third, aside from the unfounded assault charges your story contains other outright fabrications and lies. For example, I was not “marched out of the restaurant in handcuffs” I entered the police vehicle under my own steam without being cuffed. Either someone is lying to you and you are reporting it as fact, or you are making assumptions without the facts and investigation to back them up. Either way, that kind of “reporting” (if you can call it that) is liable to backfire once I’m vindicated of the assault charges, as you will see.
    Since you seem to think my personal struggle is newsworthy, I expect you will give as much time, attention, and space to the conclusion of the story when the assault charges are dropped. If you don’t, I’ll take that as an indication your interest in my struggle was purely malicious, as I suspect.
    These are all the comments my lawyers will let me make at this point. Once the charges are dropped you’ll be hearing a lot more from me.

    Stephen P. Yaw Sr.”

  4. Tim Curran says:

    Dear Mr. Yaw, we strive to be accurate and correct in our reporting. The information we were given about the manner of your arrest we published was incorrect. We apologize for the error.
    We will make the correction and make certain the version that appears in print is correct.

  5. Steven says:

    Good for the Memo for posting an honest reply to Yaws denial of Domestic Violence. Sure he is innocent until proven guilty but like they say every picture tells a story. I heard he claims she hit herself with a soap on a rope but the doctors she saw when she spent 4 hrs. at the hospital tell a much different story. Shame on her son for siding with Yaw against his mother. but it showes how manipultive Yaws really is.

  6. Legions of Portlanders says:

    Wow. This is a very interesting thread.

    Firstly, it’s a shame David, that YOU are the newest person to be conned by Steve Yaw Sr. Do not fall for his lies.

    Secondly, in response to Steve Yaw Sr’s email to the paper — It makes me laugh. I assure you Steve, the article will be certainly be LESS about this recent alleged assault, and MORE about your extremely terrible business practices. ie; stealing wages from your workers, not paying vendors and contracts, failing to pay back investors, tax violations, labor violations, and your decades of acting as a confidence man getting over on an endless number of people. That of course is aside from your disgusting character; your penchant for LYING, your tendency for verbal abuse, your chemical abuse issues, and generally treating everyone around you like dirt.

    I personally can’t wait for ALL OF THIS to catch up with Steve P. Yaw Sr. If he doesn’t end up serving time for DV assault, I can only hope they get him on any number of his other criminal acts.

  7. SteveJ says:

    My wife loved Yaws as a teen when it was near Grant HS, so we were excited when we saw a double-take deal for the new Yaws and bought it. A few weeks later when we went to use it, the restaurant was closed with a sign on the door. With what we read above, apparently we have become two more victims of someone and are out our $20 bucks.

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