Lee Perlman receives posthumous award

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Former Mid-county Memo reporter Lee Perlman receives the first posthumously bestowed Spirit of Portland Award. At next month’s ceremony–Tuesday, Nov. 12 in the East Portland community Center, 740 S.E. 106th Ave. from 7 to 9 p.m.–Perlman and 20 other groups and individuals are honored for their community work. Hazelwood Neighborhood Association members Dave Hampsten and Linda Robinson are also receiving SOP awards for their work with the HNA and Friends of Gateway Green, respectively.   SOP winners are chosen from nominations submitted by citizens; a selection committee of representatives from the city commissioners’ offices: the Office of Neighborhood Involvement; Neighborhood Associations and other diverse community organizations. The Mayor and commissioners also select special award winners to recognize specific works and achievements. Originally nominated four years ago when the offices of the Mid-county Memo started a campaign to recognize his decades of work–unbeknownst to him–Perlman received more nominations than anyone in the history of the SOP awards. However, when notified of the honor, he declined it. This year, all seven of Portland’s neighborhood coalitions nominated him posthumously. In an email, Brian Hoop, the Office of Neighborhood Involvement’s Community and Neighborhood Involvement Center manager said, “Before we even began receiving phone calls from neighborhood leaders and the seven or so nominations for Lee, we were already thinking he was in a special class and needed to be recognized for his contributions to the history of neighborhood involvement in Portland.” In a statement, Mayor Charlie Hales said, ” ‘Good Citizens are the Riches of a City,’ is inscribed on downtown’s Skidmore Fountain. I think that is also the message behind the Spirit of Portland Awards. For truly, where would we be without those citizens who step up, volunteer, lead, and find solutions to problems in their...
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Re-Energizing Gateway party short-circuits

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What do you do if you throw a party and no one you invited comes? That’s what happened Saturday, March 9 to Growing Gateway ecodistrict board members and community organizers Colleen Gifford, Arlene Kimura and Linda Robinson at their kickoff party for Re-Energizing Gateway, the ecodistrict’s first project. Using a $5,000 grant from the East Portland Action Plan for the party, organizers failed to attract one person the project claims to want to help. With six tables piled high with food and more than one hundred chairs set up, the site chosen for the party — the gymnasium at the Immigrant and Refugee Community Organization — accentuated the emptiness. Re-Energizing Gateway’s goal is to help eight to 15 low-income senior homeowners in the ecodistrict weatherize their homes with grants up to $500 each after an energy audit by student interns. In an effort to reach people eligible for the project, Gifford, chair of the east Portland ecodistrict, said she spent the grant money on creating flyers; on the ecodistrict website, and the food. Gifford said she did outreach to groups in the area received a free ad in the newspaper owned by the city and operated through the East Portland Neighborhood Office. “We publicized where we could publicize free,” she said. “We relied on groups like EPAP and Hazelwood [Neighborhood Association], and GABA (Gateway Area Business Association) to get the word out to their people. This is not the turnout we hoped for but it’s a first. We’ll learn better.” She added, “I’ve had lots of calls, because the seniors — it’s hard for them to get around, so a lot of the agencies like IRCO, Meals on Wheels, have told their seniors [about Re-Energizing Gateway], so we’re going to sign them up that way, because it’s too hard for them to travel to get here.” During her presentation, Gifford touted the fact she secured a $13,000 grant through the bureau of Planning and Sustainability program for GABA president Fred Sanchez to update his commercial buildings’ lighting and heating and cooling systems. Sanchez owns 111th Square, a collection of retail businesses on Northeast 111th and Halsey, Gifford is also a GABA director. Originally scheduled for two hours, the party was over in 50 minutes after three other ecodistrict board members spoke about subjects unrelated to the project. However, the gym was not completely empty. Besides ecodistrict board members, city staff, and a member of GABA’s board, Portland State University Adjunct Professor Chet Orloff brought a dozen of his urban planning students. Some Gifford said, maybe interning with the ecodistrict in the spring performing energy audits. Where did ecodistricts emanate? In 2009, former Portland mayor Sam Adams made ecodistrict creation...
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Ventura Park summer concerts report

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According to head organizer Linda Robinson, the third annual Ventura Park free summer concert series, funded by grants from the City, attracted an average of 300 to 400 people. The musical groups were Chata Addy & Susuma, David Correa and Cascada, and The Midnight Serenaders. “Passing the hat” at shows’ intermissions brought in more than $1,000 in contributions toward next year’s...
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Hazelwood HydroPark community garden organizational meeting date set

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The Portland Community Gardens program has scheduled an organizational meeting about the new community garden to be installed this spring at the Hazelwood HydroPark at N.E. 117th Avenue and Holladay Street. The meeting is today, Thursday, February 28, 2008 from 6:30 to 8:00 p.m. at the East Portland Neighborhood Office, 1017 NE 117th Ave., adjacent to the Hazelwood HydroPark. Anyone interested in the design and layout of the community garden, or who might be interested in renting a plot there once it’s constructed is encouraged to attend. Hazelwood Neighborhood Association activist Linda Robinson, Chair of Parks, Open Space and Environment Committee is in charge of this effort. To reach her call 503-261-9566, or e-mail her at...
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