Mary Walker, a long-time member of the Parkrose Neighborhood Association, is trying to shut down a new business in her neighborhood, the GR8 Stop Med Shop marijuana dispensary at 4844-A N.E. 103rd Ave.

Parkrose resident LaRay Edwards, left, a registered caregiver for a patient in the Oregon Medical Marijuana Program, chooses his patient’s medicine from Greg Brooks, one of the owners of GR8 Stop Med Shop, a new business in Parkrose.


In an email, Walker notified members of the Historic Parkrose Neighborhood Prosperity Initiative that she is contacting police and federal authorities and asked for their help.

In the email, Walker asks “Any thoughts? I’m presenting to PPB [Portland Police Bureau] in question..  what can be done about this?  Deal with federal?”

Ron Hudson, GR8 Stop Med Shop owner said, “We’re a legitimate business that provides jobs for four people. We pay our taxes, we’re registered with the State and abide by all State laws regarding our business.”

He added, “We are providing a needed service. Why anybody would want to interfere with a legal business that follows the law and helps people with serious chronic pain and medical issues is beyond me.”

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