Argay Neighborhood Association chair Valerie Curry intends to resign.  Curry, who has served on the ANA board for six years and as chair for two — and has done yeoman’s work — told the Memo if a current Argay board member, or someone doesn’t get on the board, get up to speed and take over, November 2009 will be her last meeting as chair.

“We need a president and secretary, there’s no vp (vice-president), I go to too many meetings the city wants me to go to, I have to take meeting minutes, I have to do articles for that EPNO (East Portland Neighborhood Office) paper, answer phone calls; my interest is in crime and livability, that’s where my real interest lies,” Curry said.

“This can be a full time job and we’re just unpaid volunteers; if we had a vice-president and secretary it would be easier, but its so difficult to get and maintain ongoing volunteers.”

If no one takes up Curry’s challenge, the Argay Neighborhood Association, like Wilkes in outer east Portland, will become moribund and “go into hibernation.”

Oh, and the ANA meets Tuesday, May 19 at Portland Fire Bureau’s Station 02, 4800 N.E. 122nd Ave.

Chair  Curry runs a tight ship and her meetings are on time.

7:00 Call to order/Introduction of Board of Directors
7:03 Introduction of New Members and Visitors
7:06 Minutes from March 17 general meeting/Treasurer’s Report
7:07 Argay comes under Northeast Precinct purview: Northeast Precinct’s NRT (Neighborhood Response Team) Officer Rick Deland answers questions
7:20 May 30 Cleanup event–Brent Jacobs, Events Planner
7:24 Wireless antennae installations in Portland’s residential areas–Russ George
7:28 Parks & Park Patrol–Jane Roffey Berry
7:35 Neighborhood news–Valerie Curry
7:45 Coffee break
8:00 Open Forum
8:25 Old business/New Business
8:30 Adjournment

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