Memo readers will recall an item in the September issue outlining plans for Green Street Projects construction along Northeast 122nd Avenue between Fremont and Shaver streets in Parkrose. (Memo Pad—“Green Street Projects”) Since then you may have noticed a period of inactivity at that site. Demolition and construction of the facilities between Fremont and Shaver has been temporarily delayed.

Paving and construction on Northeast Shaver Street at 131st Place is part of the 122nd Ave. Green Street Project.

Crews have already completed initial survey and saw cutting of existing asphalt to prepare the site for demolition. However, the contractor must coordinate with local providers to relocate underground utility lines. This may take several weeks.

While the contractor waits for notice to proceed on the 122nd Avenue work, crews have begun work at the Northeast Shaver construction site. Crews began with demolition and removal of existing asphalt and curb in preparation for repaving work. New driveway aprons for adjacent properties and repaving work on Shaver were the next steps on the schedule.

As soon as work is completed at the Shaver site, crews will begin construction on 16 green street stormwater management facilities planned for Northeast Fremont between 157th and 158th avenues. The construction calendar noted this work could begin as early the first week of October.

Residents and those who travel through these areas should know that typical work hours are 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday through Friday. The contractor may choose to work the same hours on Saturdays. Equipment and materials will be stored on the street after hours. Barricades will protect the work site. Work crews may remove and replace some asphalt next to the green street to ensure street drainage enters the facility.

Facility construction includes forming and pouring concrete curb extensions, excavating the facility, lining (if applicable), placing soil, installing check dams and installing plants during the planting season. Crews work on several facilities at a time and there may be periods of inactivity between construction steps.

A city construction inspector is on-site during work hours, and should be able to assist you with construction concerns. Street parking is prohibited in work zones. Motorists, cyclist and pedestrians should exercise caution and good judgment when traveling through the construction zone.

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