Posted by on Sep 21, 2016

We strive to be accurate and thorough in our coverage and correct significant errors of fact. If you find an error, please call 503-287-8904, or e-mail Darlene Vinson at In last month’s display advertisement for Spada Farms, we published the wrong address of his new fruit and produce stand. The correct address is 5905...
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East Portland transportation update

Posted by on Sep 15, 2016

August was a quiet month for transportation development. Metro has launched a survey on the Powell-Division Transit and Development Project. It takes three minutes to complete and can be accessed through Sept. 9 at A new PDTDP information page has been posted on the Metro site. It can be seen at
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Parkrose marijuana trade growing, employing

Posted by on Sep 13, 2016

If anyone wants a boost of positive energy, the perfect way to get it is to stop in at one of the Parkrose’s four marijuana dispensaries. Making a purchase might do the trick, but so will asking the polite and stylish person behind the counter (who is technically known as a “budtender”) about the products or asking the manager how business is....
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Broncos get new coach, attitude

Posted by on Sep 11, 2016

New Parkrose High School head football coach Brian Davis has taught and coached—social studies and volleyball, respectively—at the school for more than twenty years. Unlike the school’s previous “lily pad” football coaches (out-of-building coaches who come to a school and use it to jump to the next job, and then the next), Davis has a stake in...
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Vegan grocery store, coffee shop comes to Gateway

Posted by on Sep 9, 2016

There’s a new grocery and coffee shop coming to the neighborhood. Food Fight!, a local vegan grocery store, has purchased the old Rose City Urgent Care building at 11155 N.E. Halsey St. It has one confirmed tenant to share the building so far—Jet Black Coffee Company. The owners hope the store will fill the need for a local natural foods store....
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Developer wants 12.5-acre shopping center in Madison South

Posted by on Sep 7, 2016

There may eventually be a shopping center across the street from James Madison High School on Northeast 82nd Avenue, and Capstone Partners may be its developer. Lauren Golden Jones, Capstone Partners development manager, shared the company’s concept at a meeting of the Madison South Neighborhood Association on Aug. 9. Jones was talking about the...
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Namaste ready for Gateway opening

Posted by on Sep 5, 2016

It can be tough when a seemingly straightforward project takes much longer to complete than originally expected. We’ve all been there before. Such is the story for the Namaste Indian restaurant, slated to open this month at 10306 N.E. Halsey St. Originally set to open in the fall of 2015 (“Namaste to Gateway” MCM August 2015), the restaurant’s...
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Homeless shelter finding its place in the neighborhood

Posted by on Sep 3, 2016

The Hansen Shelter is a month old and an established part of the neighborhood landscape. Reviews of it have been mixed. The shelter has overcome some minor start-up glitches. Neighbors have noted a greater presence of the homeless in the neighborhood. David Austin, Multnomah County communications director, called Hansen “the Cadillac of shelters”...
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Council approves Gateway action plan

Posted by on Sep 1, 2016

There’s a new five-year plan on the city’s books, and it’s all about Gateway. It was finalized Aug. 10, when Portland city council voted unanimously to approve the five-year, $53-million Gateway Action Plan (GAP). The plan seeks to invest in Gateway by focusing the remaining five years of its urban renewal area, which the city admits has...
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Posted by on Aug 23, 2016

The Mid-county Memo strives to be accurate and thorough in its coverage and corrects significant errors of fact. If you find an error, please call 503-287-8904 or e-mail department editor Darlene Vinson at In last month’s article, “New look at Brown’s Point S Tires”, about Brown’s Tire Factory and its 200-member co-op...
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Cory Jonell Ruth Lumber 1967–2016

Posted by on Aug 17, 2016

Cory Jonell Ruth Lumber was tragically taken from us on July 2. Cory is survived by her daughter Stacey, son Connor and their supportive father, Brian Lumber; her mother, Kathy Ruth; sisters DeAnn Brandt (Paul), Kelly Sprague (Adam) and Leslie Ruth (Richard); and nephews Jordan, Taylor, Colin and Mason Brandt and Mick and Mateo Sprague. She was...
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Romie is ready to retire

Posted by on Aug 15, 2016

“I never imagined that I’d wind up working with the Tonkin family for more than 30 years,” said retiring Tonkin mechanic and jack-of-all-trades Romie Thompson. “It was really more like a family than a traditional work experience; they know how to take care of people.” The November 2014 subject of the Memo’s occasional series about longtime...
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